How to Grade a Lot and Excavate for a Driveway or Paver Patio

In order for the lot on the Kuppersmith Project house to drain properly, it had to be graded so the ground sloped away from the house and any rainwater runoff flowed away from the foundation. A tractor was used to move the dirt and fill in any depressions in the yard.

The tractor is also used to excavate dirt for the concrete driveway in the front yard and paver patio in the backyard. To accommodate the 4” of base material, 1” of sand, and 2” to 3” thick pavers needed for the patio; a total of 7” to 8” of dirt had to be removed from the yard.

Watch this video to find out more.

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  1. Found your ideas to keep water away from basement very interesting have had lots if problems with my basement since my husband died. Trying to keep up repairs has become very hard. Never had trouble before the chimney moved away from the house. Called a help put out lots of money to fix foundation but need all new gutters and other work to keep water away from foundation. Thank you for your ideas.

  2. my neighbor yard in higher and water runs off his drive ,my ground lower so it pools up im retired small income i will need to do something,how can i repair this decent about money i will have do work myself somehow please tell me step by step what 2 do


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