Garden Bed Placement & How to Repair a Cracked Driveway

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Springtime is gardening time for most folks. Today we’re talking about how helpful it can be to have a raised garden bed and how to properly place it in your yard.

Also, we’re introducing you to a really unique concrete house in Missouri. The homeowner wants to know how to paint it after a previous failed attempt. Listen to learn how to get the job done not just for this homeowner but for any type of masonry project.

Plus, Danny and Joe talk to a listener about how to pick the right type of sealer that will repair small cracks in a driveway.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Planning a Vegetable Garden
Paul from Florida asks, “I would like to plant a four foot by a six-foot vegetable garden in an area near our propane whole house generator. What would you recommend what the minimum distance should be from the generator?”

Fixing Cracks in a Driveway
Terry from Alabama asks, “There are so many driveway sealers out there. All have good and bad reviews. I want your recommendation. My driveway has small cracks and I know the seal sticks that using a heat gun looks like it will work. But I am confused about the right sealer.”

Historic Concrete House
Kim from Missouri asks, “I have a 2 story, Historic concrete house. Built by one man when he was 58 years old in 1910. He hand poured cement blocks with different designs used them to build the house, made the first-floor cement and the baseboards
The house was in great disrepair when I bought it, and the new paint I bought is peeling and looks terrible, what to do? I thought I would power wash again and try an acid based paint. I cannot hand scrub every block-each is imprinted differently-lots of dips and dents and surface area.”

Daich Coatings

Interview with Peter Daich of Daich Coatings
Peter Daich, founder and president of Daich Coatings spoke with Danny and Joe about the new Spreadstone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Fast Fix for Saggy Railings
Long spans of porch or deck railing will over time start to sag in the middle. To straighten out the railing, cut a tapered block out of a 2×6 and wedge it under the middle of the railing. Secure the block to the decking or porch floor with two decking screws.

Handy Screwdriver Trick
To drive a small screw into a tight space you could use a magnetic screwdriver, or try this.

Best New Products

Commercial 200 ft. Pro Hose Reel
This spring you’re going to be getting your money’s worth out of your garden hose. Anyone with a green thumb can tell you.. the worst situation is fighting a tangled mess of kinks when watering a lawn or garden. Get the mobility you need with the 200-foot pro hose reel from Suncast Commercial.

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