How to Repair a Sinking Concrete Driveway or Sidewalk

The walkway next to my driveway is sinking. What can I do to stop it? -Chuck

Hi Chuck,

A sinking concrete sidewalk or driveway can be caused by erosion from rainwater removing the soil under it, or a large root beneath it that has rotted over time. In either case, the only way to fix it and prevent it from sinking further is by jacking up and reinforce the ground under it.

If you have access to heavy equipment, a backhoe can be used to lift the edge of the slab so you can shovel in gravel or crushed limestone under it to fill the void. If not, you’ll need to dig out around the sides of the slab to gain access below the walkway, then position a hydraulic jack under it to lift up the slab.

Another more expensive option is to hire a company to “mudjack” the walk into place. This involves drilling 1½” diameter holes in the concrete and pumping in cement to raise the slab back to level. The holes are then filled with concrete.

Good luck with your project,


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  1. I had a drain installed around my house to bring rainwater and the gutter run-off out from the back of my home to the front street. The drain ran under my sidewalk and out through the curb. Now the sidewalk is collapsing onto the plastic drain pipe. How to I life and repair the sidewalk without crushing the plastic drain directly under it?


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