Down and Dirty Toilet Replacement

Using screwdriver to tighten bolt on toilet tank.

Step #7: Install Toilet Tank

Some toilet tanks and bowl come as one piece, but many have a separate tank that attaches to the bowl with bolts and a rubber gasket.

How to install a toilet tank:

  1. Install Rubber Toilet Tank Gasket: Turn the toilet tank upside down on a towel or foam pad, and slide the rubber gasket over the outlet on the bottom of the tank with the tapered side of the gasket facing away from the tank.
  2. Install Toilet Tank Bolts: Turn the toilet tank over, slide the rubber washers on the toilet tank bolts, and insert the bolts into the holes in the bottom of the tank from the inside.
  3. Position Toilet Tank: Carefully place the toilet tank on the bowl with the bolts through the holes in the top of the bowl. Check to make sure the tank is parallel to the wall.
  4. Attach Toilet Tank Nuts: Insert the metal washers on each tank bolt from underneath the bowl, followed by the tank bolt nuts. Hand tighten the nuts to hold the tank loosely in place. Place a socket or wrench on the nut and a screwdriver inside the tank to keep the bolt from spinning. Tighten the two nuts up evenly with the wrench until the tank is firmly seated on the bowl. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the nuts, as this can crack the tank or bowl!
  5. Attach Water Supply Line: Attach the supply line to the shutoff valve (if you’re replacing it) and the bottom of the toilet tank. Tighten the fittings using an open end or adjustable wrench.


    • J.
      Try carefully tightening the toilet bolts that hold the toilet to the floor up, but don’t overdo it as it could crack the porcelain bowl. If that doesn’t help, put a shim between the floor and toilet.


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