Down and Dirty Toilet Replacement

Removing a toilet tank.

Step #4: Remove Toilet

While toilets can be removed in one piece, they can be heavy and awkward to handle. So unless you have someone else to help, it’s easier to disconnect the tank from the bowl and remove each piece separately.

How to remove a toilet:

  1. Lubricate Toilet Tank Bolts: Spray the nuts and bolts under the bowl that hold the tank to the bowl with penetrating oil and allow it to soak in.
  2. Remove Toilet Tank Bolts: Remove the lid on the tank and loosen the toilet tank bolts with a ratcheting socket or closed end wrench on the toilet tank nut under the bowl, and a screwdriver on the head of the bolt inside the toilet tank.
  3. Remove Toilet Tank: Lift the toilet tank off the bowl, and carry it outside.
  4. Remove Toilet Bowl: Work the toilet bowl back and fourth to loosen it from the wax seal holding it to the floor. Once the bowl is loose, pick it up and carry it outside, being careful not to drip water on the floor.
  5. Seal Toilet Drain Pipe: Cover the drain opening to keep sewer gases from coming up through the drain while you’re working on it. Don’t forget to remove the cover from the drain pipe before installing the toilet!


    • J.
      Try carefully tightening the toilet bolts that hold the toilet to the floor up, but don’t overdo it as it could crack the porcelain bowl. If that doesn’t help, put a shim between the floor and toilet.


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