Large swinging doors on a garage, workshop, or storage shed make a great place to store stepladders, sawhorses, or other items that you use frequently.

Attach utility hooks to the inside of the door with drywall screws, then hang items on the hooks.

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Joe Truini: One of the most common storage questions we get here at Today’s Homeowner is, “How do I keep my garage and my shed from getting so cluttered?” Well, first, stop collecting so much junk! But in the real world of course, that’s not possible.

So, the first rule is try not to let the floor get too cluttered. And you can do that by utilizing the wall space for storage. Now, what happens when your wall space is all filled up?

Well, if you’ve got a swinging door, a pair of swinging doors like we have in this shed, is you have a nice, large, flat surface, perfect for hanging things like collapsible sawhorses, ladders, wheelbarrows. Things that you need to get at, but if you store ’em in the space, of course they’re always in the way.

So, in this case, I’m just going to use a couple of utility hooks, metal hooks, you can get at any hardware store or home center. I’m going to attach them to the door frame with a couple of drywall screws.

These are one-and-quarter-inch drywall screws. They’re going to go into the two by four, that’s on the other side of this door. There’s a frame on the other side. There you go. And now, you can very easily… I positioned those hooks to be the perfect place to hang this ladder. There.

Now there’s plenty of room to still close the door but the ladder’s right there, ready when I need it.

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