Sleek and Simple Keyless Entry Door Lock

Liscio keyless entry door lock from Emtek in satin nickel finish.
Liscio keyless entry door lock from Emtek in satin nickel finish.

Find out about the new Liscio keyless entry lever door lock from Emtek that’s both beautiful to look at and simple to use.

Features include:

  • Can store up to 20 user entry codes.
  • Bluetooth enabled for use with Smartphones.
  • Available in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished chrome finishes.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Allen Lyle: Keyless entry systems have been around for several years, I’ve got one on my house. There’s a…. Here at the Emtek booth they’ve got some really nice looking ones. My big complaint with them is that they just look industrial.

Well, Emtek has actually turned the industry on its ear with this. This is the new Liscio, that’s Italian for sleek and simple. They’ve taken that keypad—that clunky keypad—and have gotten rid of it, and have put the buttons right here into the handle. Very sleek, low profile—I like the look of it.

Now, here’s what’s nice about this one—Bluetooth enabled. You program up to 20 codes into this one lock, give one to each family member.

Now, they don’t just have a code to the house, you also can go to your phone and figure out when they walked in. Say the teenager didn’t get in at the right time, you’ll know it because of this lock. It’ll give you a report of who came in at what time.

It’s a really nice look. It takes that sleek, simple—that form to function. Beauty and brains in this one lock.


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