Ring Doorbell Pro — Peace of Mind, Wherever You Are

These days, home security is more affordable than ever. And one of the most popular devices found outside an increasing number of homes is the Ring Doorbell Pro. 

If you’ve never head a video doorbell before, think of it as caller ID for your front door. Well, caller ID with pictures and video recording is more like it!

Whether you’re home or away, you’ll always know when someone’s at your door — better yet, you’ll be able to see them, too! 

And visitors don’t have to ring the doorbell for you to know they’ve arrived. If motion is detected, the Ring Doorbell Pro notifies you.

That motion could be from an expected guest, a mail carrier or even an animal. It also could come from an unexpected visitor, such as someone who shouldn’t be near your home, and that’s why the device brings so many homeowners peace of mind.

And if you don’t want certain areas to set off Ring’s motion sensors? No problem! Ring Doorbell Pro has motion detection zones, so you decide which areas get covered.

Installing and setting up the battery-powered Ring Doorbell Pro is easy. First, download the app to your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The doorbell connects through the wi-fi in your house.

Next, screw the doorbell beside your door — it runs on a rechargeable battery if you don’t want to deal with electrical wiring. And that battery will last awhile, too — maybe even six months before it needs some juice!

It’s that easy. Ring Pro installation takes just about five minutes if you install the device without wires, but even if you hook it up with an existing, traditional doorbell wiring, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

When someone rings the Ring Doorbell Pro, the app alerts you, so you can answer the door from anywhere using your device. Amazon Echo also supports this doorbell, which means it integrates seamlessly with your smart home technology.

The best thing? Ring Protect plans offer cloud recording for just $10 per month and you can access those recordings for up to 30 days or 60 days, depending on your location.

Find this product for your smart home at The Home Depot.

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  1. My front door bell works great but the door bell in my garage won’t ring. What could be my problem? Do you think an elderly lady (me) could repair this problem? I really need HELP!

    • Hi, Pamela,
      We know you need answers right now, so we’ve partnered with trusted experts at JustAnswer.
      Vetted, qualified contractors are online right now, and available to chat with you about your specific home improvement project and needs.
      Click here for the electrician: http://justanswer.9pctbx.net/c/2342074/832373/9320
      Good luck with that doorbell! 


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