Renting Tools for Outdoor DIY Projects

Specialized tools are often needed when tackling big jobs around your yard. Instead of buying these tools and using them once, consider renting them from your local home center. Below are some of the tools available to rent for outdoor projects, along with an average per day rental price:

  • Plate Compactor: ($60-$70/day) Used for compacting dirt before pouring concrete or laying a patio.
  • Lawn Aerator: ($60-$65/day) Punches holes in your lawn to allow water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots and soil of your grass.
  • Garden Tiller: ($70-$75/day) Used to cultivated and prepare the soil in a garden for planting.
  • Snowblower: ($70-$75/day) Used to clear snow from a path quickly.

Watch this video to find out more.


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