How to Prevent Outdoor Faucets from Freezing

Outdoor faucets, also known as hose bibbs, can be damaged by freezing temperatures. A hose bibb that freezes and breaks can be expensive to replace, especially if the exterior of the house is brick.

Duck Brand faucet cover being installed outside a home
Cover your faucet during cold weather to prevent it from freezing. This is The Duck Brand’s Flexible Faucet Cover.

To protect hose bibbs from freezing, either:

    • Cut the off water to the spigots and drain the pipes.
    • Install freeze-resistant or frost-proof hose bibb spigots.
    • Install insulated faucet covers from The Duck Brand.
  • Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Now when it’s really cold outside and those winter winds are blowing, freeze damage can occur to your outside hose bibb. Now, if damage occurs to a hose bibb, like this—particularly on a masonry wall—it may require bricks to be removed, the plumber to come out and repair the damage, and then bricks to be reinstalled. That can cost a lot of money.

Now I’ve seen homeowners use a lot of methods over the years to prevent this type of damage, including wrapping newspapers around the hose bibb, wrapping old towels around it, even using garbage bags. All of those methods will work some, but there are some more modern ways of taking care of it.

One that I like is a hose bibb cover that’s an insulated cover that’s available at most home centers. And what it basically consists of is foam on the inside with gasket material. And then this little hook that what you do here is you hook it around the stem of the hose bibb.

And you position this right in place, you clip it closed like that, then you tighten this up. And it will hold the insulated cover right against the wall nice and tight and will prevent this hose bibb from having a problem this winter.


  1. Response to Liz: Liz, What I did in Dallas TX for yrs to protect faucets coming out of the ground is I’d put some old insulation I had (the kind with pink scratchy stuff on one side and paper backing on the other) in a small trash can, and put that trash can over the faucet (upside down). I put a weight on top, like a rock, to keep it from being blown off. Worked like a charm.

    • Hi, Ann Marie, features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
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  2. I have three hose bibs – two face the same direction (and one is more sheltered from the wind than the other two) – and the more sheltered one is the one that has frozen each of the last two years we’ve lived in Dallas – and that is with the insulated foam cover protecting it.

    I can honestly say that not once in all the years I lived in Chicago did I ever have a hose bib freeze, so I’m at a loss of what to do. Is there a way to put some insulation in the wall (behind the masonry) when they come to take out bricks for the next repair?

  3. My problem is that I just got home from CA to find out that the area in AZ where I live is going down to 28 degrees tonight..I am too exhausted to go out and buy a I guess I’ll wrap my pipes with towels…and follow that up with Saran Wrap…and pray it works….

    • Hi, Vernon!
      We’re always looking for homeowners to call into our radio show and ask questions directly to Danny and Joe.
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