Loose Door Hinge Repair Tip

Sagging doors are often the result of loose hinges caused by hinge screws that don’t bite into the door jamb. A quick fix for this problem is to fill in the door jamb’s so the screw will remain secure. To do that, we used a wooden golf tee.

To repair a loose door hinge:

  1. Remove the loose screws.
  2. Coat a wooden golf tee with glue.
  3. Tap the tee into the hinge screw hole with a hammer.
  4. Score the tee with a utility knife flush with the mortise.
  5. Break the tee off even with the bottom of the mortise.
  6. Allow the glue to dry.
  7. Reinstall the hinge and screws in the holes.

No more sagging door!


  1. wouldnt a better remedy be to remove the screw to the inside of the jamb [ closest to the door stop ] and replace it with a 2″ or 3″ screw . grabber gold screws work excellent for this and match most stock hardware. this also allows you to anchor the door slab to the jack in the rough opening and not just the jamb. i like to complete this process by also running a 2″ screw into the slab itself in place of the corresponding short screw in the hinge. when setting new doors i always do this on the top and bottom hinge.

  2. Unless the door is sagging, I usually like to simply use some toothpicks instead of a golf tee. They do the same thing and it’s easier to snap them off flush. However, in the case of a sagging door, I’m 100% with you, Lester. I always use a 3″ screw and anchor into the jack stud. Solves the problem every time. Thanks for a great suggestion!

  3. Hi,

    How about door jamb’s made of ndf wood, golf tie anyone?

    Also, I can insert a toothpick, length wide -entirely, into the existing holes, so will a golf tie work still?

  4. I would just shut the door and give it a running kick so that it would blow out the jam, and trim, thus having to replace the whole door, jam, hardware, and most of the trim, to hell with your stupid tee and toothpick trick!

  5. I have a front door that is in good shape but the top jam is shot from bigger and bigger screws. Can I move the hinge up to a new spot?

  6. Great tip. Was going to employ a tradesman but, after seeing this, I managed to do the repair myself. It worked perfectly.


  7. I used this tip to correct big holes in shaking hinges on door and I had to lift of door to close it. I used golf tees for the holes because 2 of the holes was all the way through the 2 x 2 inch side of door. Also there were cracks in the side of the door. I used original gorilla glue and just dipped the tees in the gorilla glue. Also glued the cracks. Used C-clamp to keep the cracks firm. All worked great and saved having to buy new door either putting in a pre hung door (a real chore for 60 year old house) or regular door and having to chisel out new places for hinges and then painting it. Saved 5-6 hundred dollars.


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