Indoor Remote Video Monitoring Camera for Your Home

Security cameras have come along way in recent years. The iZON Remote Room Monitor from Stem Innovation is an indoor video camera with a built-in wireless network that interfaces with Apple’s iOS mobile software.

This allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch see and listen to what’s going on inside your house remotely. The moveable magnetic base, allows you to easily position the camera on a table or bookcase.

The iZON can also alert you to motion or noise in your house, and record the signal to a private YouTube account. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: Cameras can also provide some peace of mind at home when it comes to keeping an eye on children, especially toddlers. We found this remote room monitor that seems like it’s the perfect thing, so we’ll hook this thing up and just see if it does what it says it does.

Joey Foster: Sounds good.

Danny Lipford: The iZON Remote Room Monitor is an app-controlled video camera that lets you stream live audio and video securely to any Apple iOS device. The only wire involved supplies power to the camera, which can be mounted almost anywhere because of its unique base. It’s pretty cool, it’s magnetic, so you can pivot it wherever you want.

Joey Foster: Oh, that is cool.

Danny Lipford: Once the camera is set up and ready, you download the free app from Stem Innovation, to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and you can begin monitoring. Then all you have to do is, using the free app, you can go on and wherever you are with your smartphone, as long as you have phone service, you’ll be able to see what Dwight’s doing, and hear what he’s saying. The iZON can also alert you when there’s motion or noise, and even record the signal to a free, private, YouTube account.


  1. hello, is Indoor Remote Video Monitoring Camera available in Greece as well? Seems pretty convenient and useful.
    thanks in advance


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