To power speakers for your home theater system without having to run wires in walls, consider the SonicAir from SpeakerCraft. The wireless transmitter and receiver can send audio signals from your home theater or sound system to speakers as far as 100’ away.

To take the music outside your home for outdoor entertaining, consider the OutCast Jr. from Soundcast Systems. These rechargeable, battery powered speakers are weatherproof and include a direct connection for an MP3 player in the speaker. You can also add an iCast wireless transmitter to send a wireless signal to the speakers from an audio system up to 350’ away.

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Allen Lyle: All right, Brad, so I see the challenge here. All your AV gear is on that wall on the far side.

Brad Sundberg: Right.

Allen Lyle: You need to get some on this side.

Brad Sundberg: Correct.

Allen Lyle: How?

Brad Sundberg: Well, in a room like this I can’t tear ceilings apart.

Allen Lyle: You wouldn’t want to, these.

Brad Sundberg: No, I can’t go down. I’ve got bedrooms down below. So, the most economical solution, and the high quality solution, is to use a wireless transmitter and receiver. That’s what this is here. That’s what this is. SpeakerCraft makes something called the SonicAir.

Allen Lyle: Yeah.

Brad Sundberg: What I’m doing is I’m just taking the output of the surround sound receiver, sending it wirelessly back to this little receiver, hooking a pair of speakers up to it. It’s simple, it’s a great solution, about 400 bucks.

Allen Lyle: Could you put them on the wall instead of?

Brad Sundberg: I could. I could put the little receiver up on that balcony, run the wires in the wall. Done deal.

Allen Lyle: Okay, 400 bucks, let’s be brutal and honest here. I could get something cheaper.

Brad Sundberg: You could.

Allen Lyle: Why not?

Brad Sundberg: Allen, you know you get what you pay for. I’m a pro, this is what I do for a living. Any time that I cut corners, I regret it. This is a professional piece. It’s something that’s going to last for years.

Allen Lyle: Got you. Okay, beautiful solution for inside. But, come on, we’re on the beach. We want to play Frankie and Annette, Beach Blanket Bingo. Have you got anything for outside?

Brad Sundberg: Let’s go outside, I’ll show you. Allen, check this out. You got the sea, you got the surf, you got the sand. The only thing missing is music.

Allen Lyle: I would stay right here.

Brad Sundberg: This is it, here. This is a great solution for outdoor music.

Allen Lyle: Oh, yeah.

Brad Sundberg: This is a company that I use called SoundCast Systems. They build, I think, the coolest outdoor speaker system I’ve seen in a long time.

Allen Lyle: Look at this, I mean, there’s no wires. Nothing!

Brad Sundberg: No, totally weatherproof. This thing can sit outside, but it’s easy to bring indoors. It’s got a battery in it that’s going to hold a charge for about 18 hours or for a hard rocker like you, it might be six or eight.

Allen Lyle: Nice. I see a dock or a place here where you can actually plug in. Is that for like an iPod there?

Brad Sundberg: I can put a little iPod here with a wire going right into it. On this one we actually have a transmitter back in the house.

Allen Lyle: Oh, you’re kidding.

Brad Sundberg: So, I can transmit and control an iPod from here. And I can carry this thing 350 feet. We can put it on a kayak and have some tunes out there.

Danny Lipford: If you’re thinking of adding video components like a TV, DVR, or Blu-ray player,  consider models that have an Internet interface so that you can access programming from online programmers like YouTube, Hulu, and others.

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