DIY Wall Mounted French Door Photo Gallery

French door photo gallery and coat rack mounted on wall.
DIY wall mounted french door photo gallery and coat rack.

It’s easy to convert an unused french door into a wall mounted photo gallery and coat rack. Here’s how to go about it.

How to Make a French Door Photo Gallery:

    1. Cut Door Bottom: Start by cutting the wide bottom rail on the door so it’s the same width as the top rail. Mark the cutting location with a pencil, then score the line with a utility knife to prevent splintering. Use a circular saw to cut the door rail, keeping the saw blade on the waste side of the line.
    1. Fill Holes: Remove any hinges, locksets, or other hardware and fill any mortises or holes with wood putty or auto body filler. After the putty or filler has dried, sand the surface smooth.
    1. Finish Door: Paint or stain the door to the color desired. On this door a rust colored primer was applied to the bare wood, followed by a dry brush application of red paint, which was then topped with green glaze. The finish was sanded through in spots to give the door an antique look.
    1. Add Coat Hooks: A row of coat hooks was screwed to the side of the door that would become the bottom.
    1. Mount Photos: Photos were cut to size and mounted behind the glass on the back side of the door using masking tape.
  1. Hang Door: Long screws driven into the wall studs were used to attach the door to the wall. Make sure the door is level and at the desired height when hanging.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Old doors can be used for a variety of decorative projects; but if you have a french door, it’s begging to be converted into a coat rack photo gallery.

The first step is to even up the margins at the top and bottom of the door. In other words, cut off the bottom of the door so that it’s the same distance from the windows at the top edge. To avoid splintering the face of the door, score the cut line with a utility knife several times before using a circular saw to make the final cut.

You’ll also want to remove any hardware and fill any holes with wood putty before you apply finish to the door. In this case we’re giving the door a rustic barn wood finish. This includes painting the entire door with a rust colored primer, followed by a dry brush application of bright red.

As the name implies, dry brushing means you remove most of the paint from the brush by raking it across the lip of the can. This leaves random streaks of paint in some places and misses others, giving the surface texture.

To tone it all down, the top coat is a peat moss green glaze, also applied with the dry brush technique. After the glaze has dried sufficiently, the edges are sanded randomly to give it a distressed look.

Next, we add coat hooks beneath each row of windows and mount photos behind the glass in all 15 of them. The result is a decorative coat rack that is as personal as your photographs.


  1. I want to put photos into the window portion of a French door I bought. The problem is the windows are 8 x 5 inches. How would I print them off in order to cut them to fit? Thanking you in advance for any help you may provide.

  2. How did you remove all of the paint from the glass? It looks like it wasn’t covered up at all and got coated with spray paint. I’m curious if you had a method that was easier to remove it from the glass after than it would be to tape off each glass piece? I have a similar door to complete this project with!

    • Hi, Krista. It was a new, unfinished door, so the windows were still covered with sheets of plastic, which were peeled off after the door was painted.


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