3 Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Can Do Right Now

Using socket wrench to tighten a loose bolt on garage door.
Tightening a loose bolt on a garage door.

Garage doors need regular lubrication and maintenance to keep them operating properly.

Garage Door Maintenance

Check Garage Door Hardware: Check the bolts and screws on the garage door regularly to make sure they haven’t worked loose, and tighten up any that have.

Lubricate Garage Door: Use a spray lubricant to lubricate the garage door track, rollers, and chain.

Test Garage Door Sensor: Check the door closing sensor to make sure it’s working properly.

Using spray lubricant to lubricate the track on a garage door.
Lubricating the track on a garage door.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: People often ask me how they can silence a noisy garage door that rattles and squeaks when it opens or closes. Because there’s so many moving parts in these things, and they’re used so frequently, it’s not uncommon for the nuts, bolts, and screws to work themselves loose over time.

A little regular maintenance is a good idea. Simply checking all of the fasteners with a socket wrench every year or two is a good way to catch loose ones before they fall out and disappear altogether. If you have missing fasteners, they can usually be replaced with large, self-tapping screws.

While you’re working on the door, it’s a good idea to lubricate the track the door rides on as well as the rollers themselves. If the garage door opener is chain-driven, it will help to apply some lubricant to it as well.

Finally, check the sensors in the opening to be sure they will properly stop the door from closing if there is an obstruction in the doorway.


  1. I just had my garage door replaced and so I want to make sure that I take care of it so that it lasts a while. I definitely plan on keeping the door track, rollers, and chain lubricated. However, how often do I need to lubricate?

  2. Great tip about lubricating the garage door tracks, rollers and chain. That way it will be less likely to get stuck and cause problems later. My husband and I need to replace our garage door, so when we do I will be sure to do these things that you suggested. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Where can I buy self tapping screws as the ones on my garage have come loose and I need some bigger ones thank you

  4. Thanks for sharing garage door maintenance tips. Your ideas are awesome. This article is very helpful and informative. I have a little idea about maintaining garage door after reading this article I get a clear idea about it.


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