How to Refinish Sun-Damaged Wooden Doors | Ep. 40

How you can revive a door worn down by the sun’s rays.

On this Week’s Podcast:

• How to refinish solid wooden doors worn down by too much sun

Snow is a concern for folks up north, and Joe’s got a tool that makes moving the white stuff much easier.

• Want to remove particleboard glued to a concrete slab? A hammer and chisel just won’t cut it. Chelsea and Joe talk about a fast, easy way to get the job done. 

• How to use a garden hose to lay a curved or serpentine-shaped pathway

Question of the Week:

Delbert in Kentucky writes, “I have an old log home that I rebuilt around 1980. Some of the logs are dry rotting. Do you have any helpful hints that would help me in restoring these logs? 

“[They] were originally used in a log hotel in Aberdeen, Ohio and we brought them to Morningview, Kentucky in 1977. My wife and I worked and rebuilt our home and moved into the home in 1982.”

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