Power cord plugged into outdoor electrical wall socket. Dual covered electricity power outlets on brick wall. Orange extension cord plug inserted into exterior wall jack.
Finding the power source of an outdoor outlet can be tough if you don’t know where to begin! Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for the solution. (AdobeStock ©The Toidi)

This week on the Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re talking about how to locate the power source of an outdoor outlet.

“I have an outdoor outlet that has recently stopped working,” a fan says. “I’ve replaced the outlet and it still doesn’t work; I’m not sure if it’s on its own circuit. How do I find where the power is sourced from?” Skip to [skipto time=15:53][15:53][/skipto] and learn the answer!

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for this and more home improvement tips. Here are other topics featured in this episode:

  • Suggestions for cleaning a fogged-up door on a tub enclosure
  • How to fix a door hinge where the screws keep popping out
  • Tips to stain replacement deck boards after they’ve been indoors for six months

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Simple Solutions

Safer Paint Stripping — Here’s an easy, non-toxic way to strip paint from door hardware, such as hinges, knobs and locks.

First, heat two cups of white vinegar and one cup of water in a pot on the stove. Place the paint-encrusted hardware into an old metal cake pan.

Next, pour the hot diluted vinegar into the pan and allow the hardware to soak for 20 minutes or so. Remove the hardware and scrub it clean with a brass bristle brush. 

Live Christmas Tree Tips — If you’re decorating your home with a live Christmas tree, here are a few tips to help the tree stay fresh throughout the holidays.

First, as soon as you get the tree home, cut at least two inches off the end of the trunk. Next, drill a single one-fourth-inch-diameter by a four-inch-deep hole up into the center of the trunk.

Immediately place the tree on the stand and fill it with water. Finally, check water twice a day for the first two days, then once daily thereafter.  

Question of the Week

Q: I am wanting to tear out the wood decking of my screened-in porch with a roof and replace it with a concrete floor. Do I have to tear down the screened-in porch to do so? And how will the roof stay up?

A: You can put a 2-by-12 board horizontally down the side of the screen porch and along the end of the porch. Screw it through the screen and to the studs. Next, jack it up with four-by-four boards so it is suspended over the wood deck. After it’s securely suspended, remove the wood deck and form up around it and pour the concrete slab!

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