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A pocket door handle can be troublesome to use over time due to wear and use. (Shutterstock © arhendrix)

A pocket door is the perfect solution for privacy in small spaces. However, a small locking mechanism can be cumbersome to use, and wear and tear, over time, can make the lock impractical.

Luckily, there is a fix to make your pocket door easier to use.

Kwikset makes a pocket door lock that is larger than the average. It’s roughly 2 inches long and looks like a horizontal diamond-shaped piece of metal. The lock is universal to fit right- and left-handed doors and you won’t have to cut a notch in your door.

Another recommendation is the Delaney Hardware Sliding Pocket Door Lock. While it is a bit more expensive, the square shape of the pocket door handle makes it much easier to open, close, lock and unlock.

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Simple Solutions

Sawdust Pick-Up Trick — Here’s a quick, easy way to clean up wood chips, sawdust and dirt from the floor of your workshop, garage or shed—without stooping over.

First, buy an extra wand and floor nozzle for your wet/dry vac. Slip the nozzle onto the end of the wand, then use two metal straps to attach the wand vertically to a wall. Make sure the nozzle is about ½ in. above the floor.

Now, when it’s time to clean up, attach the vacuum hose to the wall-mounted wand and turn on the vacuum. As you sweep the debris toward the nozzle the vac will automatically suck it up.

Stackable Storage Crates — Here’s a clever way to organize wood dowels, small-diameter pipes, and thin moldings.

Take two plastic milk crates, stack them on top of each other and then lash them together with two cable ties (Zip Ties). Now, turn the crates upside down and slip the narrow wood pieces into the holes in the bottom of the crates.

Question of the Week

Q: What kind of contractor should I call when the doors on one side of my house are not fully shutting? Also, what is the guarantee that comes with the repair and how do I trust the contractor?

A: Finding a good contractor is someone who will give you an opinion that’s not going to do the work. If you have someone who is bidding on the work you may not get as biased of an opinion that you are looking for. A good contractor is someone who does residential evaluations and they will be your best bet. Also, check your homeowner’s association for any recommendations! For this particular problem of your doors not shutting, we recommend bringing in a concrete contractor to evaluate the issue.

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