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We’re helping a first-time homeowner transform a blah patio into a space for awesome outdoor living.

Kelsey Sigler, who bought her home two years ago, wants a fun, relaxing patio to enjoy after long days on the job as a teacher.

A few years ago, we gave her parents, Kym and Kenneth, a kitchen makeover, and now it’s her turn!


Clean and Resurface Concrete

This concrete slab was in good shape, but needed some maintenance.

The patio’s concrete slab is in good shape, but it does have some cracks and could use a good cleaning.

Kelsey has pressure-washed the patio a couple of times, and we’re going to use a concentrated cleaner to saturate the slab.

The slab has cracks from expansion — which we know because both sides of the cracks are level. That means all we have to do is fill in the cracks and then resurface the area with Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer.

Danny mixes Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer.

We spread out the resurfacer with a squeegee to cover the entire patio and, as it dries, we drag a broom across the surface to give it a textured finish.

Adjust Paver Retaining Wall and Flower Bed

Kelsey’s retaining wall was causing water to back up onto her concrete slab.

Pavers bordering Kelsey’s flower bed were backing water up onto the concrete slab, so we needed to rearrange those.

We add Pavestone paver base, tamp it down, and then place the pavers

Install Sailcloth

A triangular sail cloth offers shade and visual interest.

Kelsey wants to enjoy her patio anytime she wants, and that includes hot summer days. So, we’re adding sailcloth to make that happen!

Her options are triangular or square designs, and she chooses the triangle. It offers less coverage, but the square design reminds us of a tarp!

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Danny Lipford


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