Danny Lipford’s Kuppersmith home renovation project will blend the charm of a 1926 Tudor with sophisticated home management systems that hint at technology of a century later. One prime example is Schlage LiNK®, which looks like a simple upgrade to a home’s exterior entry lockset but is in fact the hub of an entire system that lets homeowners monitor and control their home’s security — and more — from anywhere in the world.

Schlage LiNK allows the homeowner, using a computer or mobile device from any location, to do things like let a repairman into the house, use a video camera to monitor entryways, turn lights on and off, open and close blinds and even receive a text message indicating that a child has returned home from school. Working late? From a mobile device or computer, Schlage LiNK can turn on a light or two at home to dissuade a potential intruder. Schlage LiNK also can turn on lights automatically when the homeowner enters the code on the Schlage wireless keypad. So, the days of entering a dark home are over.

Schlage LiNK is very easy to use, so homeowners who’ve been intimidated by “technology” in the past should find using it intuitive and convenient.

A particularly exciting aspect of Schlage LiNK is its ability to “interconnect” and use Z-Wave® technology to communicate with other products that manage other home systems. For example, in addition to remotely controlling home security, homeowners can use Schlage LiNK with a Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat to control their home’s heating and cooling systems and get service reminders — such as when to change filters — via text message or e-mail. There’s even an energy savings schedule that can reduce energy consumption up to 15 percent. If they’ve left for vacation without turning down the heat at home, it’s no problem: they can do it remotely via Schlage LiNK. The interconnectivity between Schlage LiNK and the Trane thermostat also can provide notification of potentially harmful abnormalities at home, such as frozen pipes or an unexplained drop or rise in temperature.

It’s easy to get started with Schlage LiNK. The starter kit, which includes the wireless keypad lock, the bridge (the “brains” of the system) and a light module to remotely control one light, is available online and at select retailers, and ranges in price from $199 to $299. Users can add cameras, additional light modules and more to build the system that works best for them. The Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat, also available online and at major retailers, is about $149. After an initial free trial period, Schlage LiNK requires an $8.99 monthly subscription fee.

Schlage LiNK is available in three finishes:  bright brass, satin nickel and aged bronze.  For more information or to purchase, visit link.schlage.com.

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