NanaWall Opening Glass Walls Offer Copper Handles Due to COVID-19

NanaWall opening glass wall door handle
NanaWall’s copper finishes provide antiviral and antimicrobial properties for commercial and residential settings. | Credit: NanaWall

CORTE MADERA, CA — NanaWall Systems will offer antimicrobial copper handles for their opening glass wall systems. This is in response to long-term COVID-19 concerns.

‘The Best Material is Copper’

“We have been working to address our customers’ rising concerns about viruses and germs, and wanted to find a material we could incorporate into our products that would help them feel safer,” said Ebrahim Nana, founder and CEO of NanaWall.

“After exploring all the available options, we concluded that the best material is copper. Unlike the new antimicrobial powder finishes with unknown long-term environmental effects, copper has more than 5,000 years of history and tradition for its unsurpassed antiviral and antimicrobial properties.”

The Science Behind the Decision

Virologists at the US National Institutes of Health and the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana have conducted some of the first tests of how long COVID-19 can last on surfaces. Their studies show that copper surfaces tend to kill the virus in about four hours; it can last for days on other surfaces.

“After more than 100 years, the copper bannisters in Grand Central Station are still effective at killing viruses and reducing germ transmission,” said Matt Thomas, director of marketing for NanaWall. “Nothing else has been proven that effective in a high-traffic commercial environment. We can bring that level of performance into people’s homes as well.”

NanaWall antimicrobial copper handles will be available as an option on all NanaWall aluminum systems. Existing NanaWall customers will have an option to order new handles that will incorporate these finishes.

“Copper is the perfect material for the built environment of the future,” said Nana. “Copper actively starts to kill viruses within minutes and leaves them undetectable within hours. And the antimicrobial effects do not go away over time.

“By incorporating copper into our opening glass wall systems, we are able to provide a solution for our clients without sacrificing any of the aesthetic qualities people expect and demand from NanaWall.

“We believe our customers will respond positively to copper’s history, antiviral properties and beauty. And we hope that other players in the marketplace will follow our lead.”

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