Do I Have To Do It All?

I was talking to a friend this week who called to discuss some recent articles on Around the Yard. He was complimentary overall, but then there was a pause, and he said, “Well, honesty, I thought your January To-Do List was a little long.” I replied, “Actually, it’s rather short compared to the other months!” And there was silence, then “Oh, okay.”

After thinking a moment and asking a few questions, I finally figured out what this was about. He was reading the article like a “honey-do” list – a very, very long one – and thinking, “If this list gets out, I’ll never enjoy a lazy Saturday again.” Naturally that wasn’t sitting very well!

It reminds me of those Spring Cleaning lists that suggest things like “Take a toothpick and clean out between each of your floorboards,” with the implication that if you don’t, you’re of questionable cleanliness and clearly not “with it.” Yeah, right. The day I crawl around on the floor with a toothpick is the day dust bunnies start selling on eBay.

I quickly assured him that the monthly To-Do lists simply offer items you CAN do, not items you MUST do. Don’t let the suggestions intimidate you, and don’t think you’re “not a real gardener” if you skip over some of them in favor of a cozy nap. In fact, if I catch you working feverishly in the cold, trying to complete my To-Do-List with icicles hanging from your eyebrows, I’ll steer you indoors and make you some cocoa faster than you can say “Free Range Texas Dust Bunny.”

(yes, believe it or not, there’s actually one for sale on eBay. My floor’s still untouched, though.)


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