Dive Into the Holidays

Once upon a time, I used to think that Thanksgiving was WAY too early to begin thinking about Christmas. That was back in the days where a week seemed like a long time – remember that? When a school year stretched on forever, and you were two inches taller by the end of summer?

Now, in my old age, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas feels like a tumbling rush of festivity that includes family holiday gatherings, parties, Christmas, and the New Year, with my birthday thrown in there and barely a moment to catch my breath. Or maybe I can’t breathe because I’m so full of eggnog. Either way, there’s in increased risk of raised blood pressure.

Despite the full calendar, my favorite holiday traditions are the quiet ones. Cups of mulled cider, family and friends talking in the glow of winking tree lights, handmade pastry dough resting on the counter, cozy crackling fires… These traditions appeal to my introverted nature and bolster me with serenity and good will. Thus armed, I can stroll through the chaos, crowds, and traffic with cheer.

Whether you enter the holidays with a swan dive or a cannonball, I hope there are plenty of your favorite traditions to keep it merry!


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