Adding a Deck to Increase Home Resale Value

An attractive sun deck can add to the value of your home. The best deck is one that looks good and is easy to maintain. Though they cost more than wood, composite decks require less maintenance, hold up to the elements better, and increase the resale value of your home more than wood decks. If you have a wood deck, be sure to clean it regularly then apply a stain or sealer to make it last longer and look its best.


  1. If you’re already adding a deck go ahead and consider adding an underdeck. Especially if it’s 7 feet off the ground OR if it’s your 2nd story that you’re adding an outdoor deck on. Underdecking is nice for extra dry storage or for additional space for guests or family. It’s typically cheaper to add underdecking while you build a deck than to do it as an afterthought.
    Just an idea.


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