Adding or upgrading a deck is a great way to create an ideal and functional outdoor space where your family can relax and be together. 

Choosing among a wide range of decking options can be overwhelming. In your process of finding the best decking material, you might’ve come across Wolf Home Products and Azek Company.

In this article, you’ll find information about Wolf and Azek, two of the industry-leading decking companies, to help you decide which decking suits you best.

There are several things to consider when choosing between Wolf and Azek decking: cost, warranty, durability, traction, and deck materials.

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    Wolf Home Products Overview

    Wolf Home Products was founded in 1843 by Adam Wolf as a single store for dry goods and lumber. It expanded into a lumber company in 1955 before transitioning into an exclusive supplier of building materials in the 2000s.

    In 2018, the company introduced Wolf-branded product lines to celebrate their 175 years as a distributor of high-quality building materials. Today, Wolf offers vanity tops, railing, cabinetry, lighting, moldings, and decking materials.

    Wolf offers two decking series: Serenity™ and Perspective™.

    Serenity™ has two collections: Tropical Hardwoods and Seaside. Tropical Hardwoods features nine finish options: Amberwood, Black Walnut, Driftwood Grey, Golden Cypress, Onyx, Rosewood, Silver Teak, Teakwood, and Weathered IPE. Seaside offers the following colors: Harbor Grey and Sand Castle.

    Perspective™ series includes five colors: Acacia, Cedar Ridge, Dune, Potomac Grey, and Redwood. 

    Azek Overview

    AZEK Company is a Chicago-based designer and manufacturer of building products which uses recycled materials. The company has six product lines: Timbertech, Azek Exteriors, Ultralox, Versatex, Scranton Products, and Vycom Plastics.

    AZEK Exteriors specializes in trim and molding, while Ultralox focuses on aluminum picket and glass railing for commercial and residential projects. Versatex offers low-maintenance trim boards, corner boards, beadboards, and moldings. Scranton Products and Vycom Plastics manufactures PVC-based commercial toilet partitions, lockers, and plastic sheet products. 

    Under TimberTech, Azek offers capped polymer and composite decking, porch, lighting, railing, and paver products. Timbertech Azek provides three decking collections to choose from: Vintage, Landmark, and Harvest.

    Vintage Collection is available in wood-like shades, namely Coastline, Weathered Teak, Dark Hickory, English Walnut, and Mahogany, while Landmark has Castle Gate and American Walnut as available color options. Harvest Collection has three colors available: Slate Grey, Brownstone, and Kona. 

    Wolf Decking vs Azek: Cost Comparison

    Serenity deck boards are reversible, measuring 5 ½” wide and 1” thick, while Perspective deck boards are non-reversible and 5 ½” wide and 7/8” thick. Both of them are available in 12’, 16′, and 20′ lengths in 1 x 5 ½” standard size. They also have available rim boards measuring 12’. 

    Meanwhile, Azek offers both grooved boards and square-shoulder boards with three width options: Narrow (3.5 inches), Standard (5.5 inches), and Wide (7.25 inches). 

    Serenity deck boards’ cost ranges from $12.00 to $15.00 per sq. ft, while Perspective ranges from $10.00 to $13.00 per sq. ft.

    The average cost of Timbertech Azek’s Vintage Collection ranges from $11.40 to $14.00 per sq. ft, while the Harvest series ranges from around $9.00 to $12.25 per square foot for all the sizes available. Landmark Collection’s cost is about $11.00 to $13.00 per sq. ft. 

    These costs do not include railings, deck installation, substructure, fasteners, and contractors’ fees.

    Wolf Decking vs Timbertech Azek: Warranty Comparison

    Except for Wolf Perspective, both Azek and Wolf Serenity offer limited lifetime warranties, which provide lifetime coverage for residential purchasers and 20 years of coverage for commercial purchasers which starts upon the date of purchase. 

    Wolf Perspective offers a 25-Year limited warranty as long as the original purchaser owns the property and a 10-Year limited warranty for commercial purposes. 

    Both Azek and Wolf Serenity’s Stain & Fade Warranty lasts for fifty years from the date of the original consumer purchase. Perspective offers 25 years of coverage for Stain & Fade Warranty. 

    In addition, Wolf offers extended warranty coverage when a Wolf PRO contractor installs it.

    Wolf Decking vs Timbertech Azek: Durability Comparison

    Wolf Serenity uses High-Density Cellular Technology to build capped PVC deck boards resistant to mold, insects, mildew, and moisture, making them durable and an ideal choice for coastal applications. The deck boards contain no organic fillers, making them resistant to rotting, splitting, cracking, and delaminating. They also require minimal maintenance.

    Wolf Perspective uses Fiber Sequencing Technology to provide a durable core for composite deck boards made from 94% recycled materials.

    Timbertech Azek Mold features Alloy Armour Technology that protects the composite boards from UV rays. The deck boards also have fully synthetic caps that lock moisture out, making them resistant to mildew, scratching, fading, warping, staining, and cracking.

    Wolf Decking vs Timbertech Azek: Traction Comparison

    Both Wolf Decking and Timbertech Azek feature embossed woodgrain textures on the deck boards, which provide small grooves for friction. The rough texture offers enough grip between your feet and the decking, making it slip-resistant even when wet. 

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    Wolf Decking vs Timbertech Azek: Final Showdown

    Both Wolf and Azek use engineered technology to replicate the authentic color and wood grain texture of real wood. Wolf Serenity also features ASA ColorWatch100® Technology, which helps block UV rays to promote color retention. Meanwhile, Azek features Alloy Armour Technology®, which protects deck colors against fading and weathering.

    Both companies take pride in providing products and services to local communities through donations and drives. They also offer durable deck boards with great traction features.  

    If you want lightweight, durable, and reversible deck boards ideal for coastal areas, Wolf can provide excellent decking options for you. If you want more color options with an extended warranty coverage, Wolf’s decking products also suit you best.

    Both Wolf and Azek are good for eco-conscious customers, although Azek receives more green points for its AZEK FULL-CIRCLE Recycling™ program. Azek collects scraps directly from construction and recycles them into new building products.

    Azek is also an ideal choice if you want low-cost deck boards with a variety of decking sizes. 

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