Both TimberTech and Azek decking are popular decking supply companies used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts across the country. Both brands feature composite decking, a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain option when compared to natural wood.

The two companies both offer composite decking and have a complicated relationship as a result. While they were each their own company once upon a time, Azek acquired TimberTech within the last decade. As a result, the two companies have attempted a delicate merging while maintaining their individual brands. However, you’ll find through this guide that it hasn’t quite been the case with names changing and much overlap.

Still, this guide will take a look at what remains of TimberTech and Azek as two separate entities despite being managed by the same overhead. It’s especially important to compare the two as both have made prominent names for themselves in the composite decking business and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future. So, let’s dive into what each of these brands has to offer homeowners hoping to elevate their space.

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     A Quick Breakdown: What These Two Brands Have in Common

    Both composite decks are made via the typical composite route of melting high-density polymers before molding them into boards used for decking. Sometimes there is also recycled wood added into the mix.

    Additionally, both companies are committed to providing the highest quality composite options on the market. Feeding off of one another’s businesses and intent, they have together formed a very powerful decking company that provides well-known, durable, and stylistic choices.

    TimberTech Overview

    TimberTech is a big name in the composite decking industry. Founded in the late 2000s and long after Azek acquired it, TimberTech grew rapidly as their high-quality decks rivaled natural wood decks.

    With a company slogan like “Go Against the Grain,” it’s easy to see where the focus lies with TimberTech—creating composite decking that closely resembles a wood grain without the negatives associated with natural decking.

    In the name is Tech, which the company prides itself on. Focused on innovation and paving the way, TimberTech has developed a unique design that sets it apart from the rest. The brand has even gone as far as to deem their process, and tech magic, something other, newer brands can’t imitate, though they try.

    Azek Overview

    Though technically merged with TimberTech, Azek maintains its own site and brand feel. Similar to TimberTech, Azek is focused on innovation and creating the best quality decking it can. With a major focus on sustainability and durability, Azek continues to develop its products raising the bar on quality and appearance. On that note, the brand is working on dominating the market via new products as well.

    Azek is a multi-award-winning brand earning nods from the 2021 Green Builder Sustainability Awards, the LMC list of Best New Products in 2021, and an honorable mention on the 2021 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas list for its comprehensive PVC recycling initiative used for its decking. Not bad!

    Azek, also know as Azek Exteriors, not only produces decking but also trims, molding, siding, cladding, fastening, and more. Though all of these products are great, sustainable introductions to the composite market, this guide will only focus on the decking as it compares to TimberTech.

    TimberTech vs. Azek: Cost Comparison

    There are multiple decking lines for sale by this merger, including TimberTech Azek, which is a nod to the Azek brand, and the TimberTech Pro and Edge. TimberTech Azek is a luxury line, TimberTech Pro is a traditional line, and TimberTech Edge is a value line. For the purpose of cost, let’s compare the two higher value options, Azek and Pro.

    On average, you can estimate:

    Azek TimberTech – as a luxury line, this is the most expensive option. Roughly $1,600 for a 250 square foot deck.

    TimberTech Pro – a middle ground, but mainstay TimberTech line. Expect this to cost an average of $1,800 for the same 250 square foot deck.

    Because most deck companies scale their products on a good, better, best scale, it is to be expected that the luxury line TimberTech and Azek have to offer would cost the most. From there, you will have the Pro option and, of course, the previously mentioned value option if you have a specific budget that does not allow for Azek decking.

    TimberTech vs. Azek: Warranty Comparison

    TimberTech prides itself on its warranty offerings. Because they are so confident in their decking, they include a comprehensive warranty with the purchase of your decking materials.

    Upon purchasing TimberTech Azek, you can expect a lifetime limited product warranty and a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty.

    With a TimberTech Pro purchase, you will receive a 30-year limited product warranty and a 30-year limited fade and stain warranty.

    TimberTech Edge, the most cost-friendly option of them all, only offers a 25-year limited product warranty and a 25-year limited fade and stain warranty.

    However, if you’re deciding between TimberTech and Azek products or a third party like Trex, it’s important to mention that companies like Trex offer 25 years as their maximum, so it is still a great deal!

    As for Azek Exterior’s other product lines, should you need any accessories, you’ll receive a limited lifetime guarantee for products like trim or molding. So if you opt for any of these accessories, you will be happy to know that your accessories are protected just as your decking is.

    TimberTech vs. Azek: Color Options

    If you’re looking for your decking to compliment your home, not distract or clash with it, you’ll want to be sure you choose a great style. In this case, we’re referring to colors.

    The Azek decking line offers multiple style lines under its umbrella include the Vintage Line with five colors, the Landmark Collection with two colors, and the Harvest Collection with three colors. As the collection names suggest, the colors vary from old-timey colors and stains to earth hues.

    As for the TimberTech Pro line, the Legacy Collection has six color options and cooling technology for select colors, a Reserve Collection with three colors, and the Terrain Collection with four colors.

    With so many options to choose from, there should be something perfect for your backyard. Stains and washes are also varied in the collections to help you achieve your desired look.

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    Get Estimates from Decking Professionals in Your Area

    TimberTech vs. Azek: Final Showdown

    TimberTech and Azek are uniquely intertwined but still remain well-known names in the composite decking industry. This guide aimed to navigate the major differences and similarities between the two brands, but there is much more that will need to be considered when choosing one or the other.

    For example, the TimberTech Pro line offers decking options with cooling technology. Is this something that is a must for your backyard space? Or is it something you never considered and don’t care for?

    Other things to consider include the overall feel you’re hoping to achieve with your decking. If you have a breath-taking home, you will want equally beautiful decking, so it may be worthwhile to opt for the more expensive option, Azek decking. Because it is marketed as a luxurious option, special attention is paid to the small details like color blending, wire-brush finishing, and more. Make sure you’re opting for a deck that fits your lifestyle and budget accordingly. 

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