EverGrain by the brand Envision is a composite decking option designed to look like real wood. Similar to other composite deck options, EverGrain repurposes recycled materials and treats them through a lengthy process to get them to resemble a natural finish you might find when using natural alternatives. However, EverGrain is particularly focused on creating the natural wood look via a special approach that achieves natural grain effects.

On the other hand, Trex is a brand that produced multiple styles of composite decking, all of which resemble wood, but offers homeowners different styles to choose from that fit their home’s overall design. You’ll find that while similar in many ways, there are distinct differences between Envision’s EverGrain and Trex that will help you narrow down the right choice for your home.

Envision EverGrain Overview

EverGrain is a composite decking option made from recycled materials like plastic bottles and bags. However, it remains a very durable option. Advertised as timeless and with a pronounced pattern, EverGrain truly tried to encapsulate the natural beauty and essence of wood.

As for styles, EverGrain comes in three colors. Weathered Wood is just as it sounds, a brown-colored deck panel that will be the closest option to natural wood that this line offers. The second option is Cape Cod Grey, a wood-grained finish panel that is colored a grey color, perfect for modern and sleek decks. The third EverGrain option is Redwood, which attempts to emulate the natural beauty of Redwood lumber.

Unfortunately, EverGrain’s versatility ends there, but Envision, the company that manufacturers EverGrain, does have other options. EverGrain remains the company’s classic option. To help achieve the natural wood look, EverGrain has a unique approach in which it does not repeat grains. Instead, a random, deep pattern is scattered across the board to ensure it is as unpredictable and novel as traditional wood.

Trex Overview

Trex is a composite company brand offering multiple styles of decking ranging in price and quality. Advertised as Good, Better, and Best, Trex’s Enhance, Select, and Transcend decking options all feature a unique angle. Enhance works to be more of a natural option, while Transcend is the more luxurious option.

Regardless, Trex is similar to EverGrain in that it offers multiple colors and the guarantee of minimal maintenance. When compared to wood decking, brands like Trex work to provide the same look and feel people love in natural wood, but without the potential for things to go awry like mildew or insect infestation.

Trex is widely available and sold in stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot making it easily accessible. You will also find that it is proud to be an eco-friendly option giving recycled materials a new life. Despite the repurposing, Trex decking is durable and has proven to stand the test of time.

EverGrain vs Trex Products: Cost Comparison

Because materials will vary in cost depending on your location, supplier, and similar circumstances, you can only gather a rough price estimate for each product. Because EverGrain is a line of Envision’s and Trex is a company, we will be compared EverGrain with Trex’s Enhance Naturals product line.

For a 12×12 deck or 144 square feet, Trex’s Enhance Natural materials will cost roughly $2,206. This number is figured with no railing required and no wood substructure. As you scale upwards in Trex’s products, you can expect to spend over $3,000 for the brand’s decking.

Rather than an online calculator like its Trex counterpart, Envision requires that you reach out for a quote. However, based on general EverGrain decking prices, the price for materials may cost roughly $1,200 for a 144 square foot deck as used in the above example.

This number means that EverGrain decking is considered cheaper than one of Trex’s cheapest options, Enhance Natural decking.

EverGrain vs Trex: Warranty Comparison

Trex offers a 25-year residential limited warranty and a 25-year stain and fade warranty. If for some reason, your Trex decking becomes damaged under warranty, you may be able to have Trex pay for a replacement. However, any abuse or neglect of the composite decking nulls your warranty.  

Envision decking also offers a limited warranty option for its EverGrain decking and select fasteners used to install it and railing if applicable. For the EverGrain decking, there is 25-year coverage and also covers stain resistance.

You will want to read your warranty extensively to verify what you are covered for, as the guidelines can be tricky. That last thing you want is to think a common issue isn’t covered by the decking company you’ve chosen!

EverGrain vs Trex: Natural Wood Comparison

If your main goal in getting composite decking is to have a natural wood-like feel without the hassle, you’ll want to pay close attention to what these decks look like. At face value, EverGrain appears to be a much more synthetic version of real wood, and it is noticeable when comparing all options.

When looking at Trex, the wood grains, colors, frequency, and similar characteristics all appear to resemble natural wood much more closely than EverGrain. Trex also manufactures the Enhance Natural line, dedicated to creating a natural look. It’s impossible not to notice the difference in believability despite EverGrain being an Envision line meant to mimic wood the closest. While nothing will come close to the natural appearance of wood, you’ll want to analyze the two options before making a decision. Also, remember both companies offer sample pieces.

EverGrain vs Trex: Installation

There is a stark difference between Trex and EverGrain when it comes to installation time and labor. Though it may seem small at face value, it will save you tons of time in the long run. EverGrain has a unique grain imprint on every single panel of wood.

While other brands may alternate between the stamps they use, your entire EverGrain set should be different than one another. This means that when it’s time to install, you won’t need to sort through the pieces to line up grains that don’t match.

Instead, you’ll be able to spend more time on preparation and lock in decking as is, without worrying about an unnatural collection of the same patterns concentrated in one area. The one simple difference can save a lot of headache in the end, especially if you do not notice until you’ve finished assembling.

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EverGrain vs Trex: Final Showdown

Each of these brands offers a unique approach to creating a viable alternative to natural wood decking. Though both offer similar benefits, such as extended lifetimes, durability, eco-friendliness, and options that cater to your stylistic needs, there are inherent differences. You will need to carefully consider the two before moving forward with the purchase and installation process.

While EverGrain offers a design that is purely focused on creating a natural wood finish, it just misses the mark when compared to other options on the market. Alternatively, while Trex is more readily available for sale, its prices soar much higher than EverGrain’s and doesn’t offer the ease of installation like EverGrain does.

If your desire is to find a brand that is the closest match to natural wood, you may find that Trex, specifically the Enhance Natural, will be the best choice for your home. 

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