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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Toilet Ring: Wax or Rubber

Betty in Virginia says, “Wax or no wax. I have had a major problem with a half bath toilet. Every wax ring has failed and now the subfloor needs replace around the toilet and have been looking at the new no-wax rings, but too many and not sure which one will work. I need help bad here and sure hope and know you will help. I am 66 years young and tired of this happening again and again. I am replacing the floors with vinyl plank flooring and have finally gotten to the half bath after doing the kitchen and laundry room.”

Stubborn Old Nails

Andrew in Alabama says, ” I recently salvaged some wood from the house my grandfather grew up in. The wood was cut from our family land to build the house in the 1840s. Some of it has OLD square nails that are rusted and brittle. I tried pulling them, but all of them broke off flush with the wood. I would like to use it to build a piece of furniture. How do I get the nails out without damaging or wasting much wood?”

Hillside Garage

Lenora in Virginia says, “My garage is built into a hillside. It is made of brick. It has a concrete floor it collects excessive moisture and molds everything inside. How can I control this moisture without running a dehumidifier 24/7? I was thinking to use a concrete sealer and seal bricks and concrete from the inside or possibly cutting a hole in the garage door and installing a fan? What is your idea? Please help all my tools and car is getting moldy.”

Simple Solutions

DIY Leaf Collector
joe truini

Whether you use a rake or a leaf blower to collect leaves, what do you do once you have a big pile? How do you easily transport the leaves into a trashcan or to your composting bin? Here’s one way.

Fast Fix for Wobbly Chair Legs

When a chair wobbles back and forth, don’t try cutting the long legs. Instead, shim the short leg. Here’s how.

Best New Products

DeckMate Screws
Fasten the Job Faster

When a simple tool or product has been around for a long time it’s easy to assume it’s been improved as much as it can be. But that isn’t always the case and fortunately, the folks at Deck Mate didn’t buy into that idea either. So, they’ve made a better Screw with DeckMate 3.

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