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A Rhode Island resident just wants a little bit of privacy. Her neighbor’s driveway is only about 4 feet away from her deck. Danny and Joe discuss several easy and inexpensive options she can do to get some solitude.

Also, a listener was following our “How To” video to build an outdoor tv cabinet but ran into a little snag. What she needs to get from the home store that will finish the job.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution to create lawn chair sockets using PVC.

Listener Questions

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How to Add Privacy Around a Deck

Valerie from Rhode Island says, “What would be an attractive way to extend a white vinyl rail on a small deck. I need some privacy from the neighboring driveway which is about 4 feet from my deck. I live in a condo community that allows some enhancements to the outside. It’s a free-standing home.”

Outdoor TV Cabinet

Katrina from Florida says, “I finally talked my husband into helping me build the outdoor TV box you have in your video. However, there were a couple of pieces that seemed left out of the video? Specifically referring to the hinges it looks like there’s an extra piece of wood. We couldn’t quite make the mounts work properly but we did a decent makeshift version, however, it left a little gap.”

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Kevin from Florida says, “I recently had an HVAC service technician come out to unclog my condensation drain line (my fault for not doing preventive maintenance, and I couldn’t get it unclogged myself). I went to do the preventive maintenance today and found that he had drilled a small hole in the top of the plastic cap. I’ve never seen one with a hole and there is air noticeably escaping while the A/C unit is running. Is this hole necessary or suggested?”

The General Rule for Recessed Lighting

Johnny from Louisiana says, “What is the best way to determine the size and number of recessed lights for a given room?”

My Cabinets Are Peeling… What Can I Do?

Catherine from California says, “My kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts are peeling. How can I fix them?”

Around the Yard

The Common Mistake of Overwatering

Julie Day-Jones joins the show talking about the special care you should be doing to your gardens right now. The summer heat may have you thinking about watering your plants but you can overdo it. Listen to learn how much you should be watering your garden. This “Around the Yard” segment is brought to you by Pavestone.

Simple Solutions

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Sockets for Lawn Fixtures

Here’s how to create reusable lawn “sockets” for setting up volleyball or badminton nets, oscillating sprinklers, shade umbrellas, or similar fixtures.

Pool-Noodle Roof Rack

Next time you need to strap something to the roof or trunk of your car or truck, protect the painted surface with a couple of pool noodles.

Best New Products

Dependable Work Gloves

Anyone who works with their hands knows the importance of a good pair of gloves. Get the comfort you need along with the protection for any heavy-duty job with Husky’s water-resistant leather work gloves. These premium grain cowhide leather gloves allow your hands to stay dry and comfortable.

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