A Noisy Deck & the Water Heater Disaster

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If your deck boards are starting to squeak then you might need to do a little bit of experimentation. Danny and Joe go over a few options for one homeowner who is dealing with a noisy deck.

Plus, A hot water tank disaster. A West Virginia listener is dealing with a handful of issues after hers blew. What she can begin to do to chip away at some of her problems like mold, and odors that are beginning to surface.

And, Joe has a Simple Solution that will help you keep all of your combination wrenches together and easier to find.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Fallout From a Blown Water Heater

Tina from West Virginia says, “My hot water tank blew- Several months later my home has an awful smell. The softness of my kitchen floor was the “OH NO” moment. I found a white/yellow mold. Removed insulation-sprayed everything with vinegar/ water mix-Not sure if that will do the job. Taking out the top layer of & leveling dirt, putting down lime & utilizing a dehumidifier. I want to insulate the block, put down new plastic but nervous about enclosing the vents- not sure how to insulate the block & install the plastic.”

Keeping Rainwater out of the Basement

Sandy from West Virginia says, “Rainwater seeps under the exterior basement door which has no threshold. When they built this home 40 years ago, both the basement floor and the exterior pad were poured at the same time. There is a 3-inch drain in the exterior ‘section’ which has a very slight grade leading down to it. By the way, the drain is fine no plugs when I snaked it! I’m all out of ideas. Your opinion(s) would be very much be appreciated.”

Fixing a Squeaky Deck

Dennis from North Carolina says, “About 4 years ago I had my deck’s floorboards and railings replaced. They were sealed with Sherwin Williams Deck stain, I believe it was a solid stain. I want to say the original deck board was secured with a pneumatic nailer and the fasteners looked like staples.
Early fall of last year I had the deck cleaned, all old deck dressing/sealant was removed by liquid remover, what sealant remained was sanded off. The entire deck was then re-sealed with TWP stain, believe the coloring is “California Cedar”.

Now is when it rains and the deck hasn’t dried all is well. After the deck has dried a rain all is well. However, when the floorboards have dried and get walked they make a popping sounds and squeak like crazy. Seems that all of the floorboards do it. It’s very aggravating and driving myself and wife crazy.

The construction of the deck floor board’s support is joists on 16” centers. Floorboards are attached to each joist using (2) deck screws. Existing screws measure 0.125”+/- diameter at the shank and are 2.5” long (top of head to thread tip).
Floorboards measure 6.5” x 1.125”

What can I do to eliminate the popping and squeaks? Add a 3rd screw at each joist, replace existing screws with a larger? longer? Screw, etc.?

Repairing Drooping Recessed Lights

Burk from Virginia says, “Hi Danny, our home was built in 1989 and has the recessed kitchen floodlights. They have loosened up and look horrible! How is the best way to reattach or reseal them?”

How to Use a Faux Wood Kit

Paula from California says, “Hi, I would like to my interior wood trim around the doors, etc. to look like wood. Can I use the faux wood kit for garage doors? Or what would I use?”

Rotating Bathtub Fix

Steve from California says, “I’m replacing my old fiberglass tub with a new acrylic tub and surround. After removal and cleanup, I noticed that the steel overflow and waste water drain assembly slides up and down and rotated. There’s a rubber seal where it goes into the P-trap pipe. Is this so it can move to adapt to the new tub or am I not that lucky?”

Picking the Right Bathroom Tile Grout

Sarah from Oklahoma says, “My husband and I are tiling our bathroom ourselves. We’ve watched the videos on how to do it and bought all the materials except the grout. There are so many kinds to choose from – sanded or un-sanded, pre-mixed or mix it yourself. We have heard you talk about Custom Building Products before, would they help?”

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Quick-Grab Wrench Holder

To keep combination wrenches easily accessible and quick to find, clip several together with a large carabineer. Then hang them from a pegboard or toss into a toolbox. In many cases, you can use a wrench without removing it from the carabineer.

Clothes Dryer Tips

Here are four tips to keep your clothes dryer working efficiently.

Best New Products

Smart Garage Door Opener

If you’re like me, you use the garage door more than any other entryway to your home. So it needs to be convenient. In just minutes, Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub can give your old garage door opener a major upgrade.

Products Mentioned

Custom Building Products

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