Deck Resurfacing: What to Do About Peeling and Bubbling | Ep. 69

Peeling deck
There’s no shortcut to fixing a peeling deck.

Picture this: You’ve properly prepped your weathered, pressure-treated deck so you can resurface it and hopefully extend its life.

But not long after applying this so-called deck revitalizer, you notice the deck’s surface bubbling and peeling — not a pretty sight.

A number of companies sell deck resurfacers intended to fill small cracks and provide a smooth coating, but many customers say these products have unintended results.

If your deck looks worse for the wear, listen to this week’s Today’s Homeowner Podcast to learn what you can do about it. We’ve also got a lot of other home improvement tips!

  • [02:24] What to do about a peeling deck
  • [09:44] Can you use cellular PVC to screen in a back porch
  • [13:26] How to drill holes in plexiglass without it cracking
  • [14:59] Best New Product: Zevo Flying Insect Trap starter kit
  • [16:02] Tips to upgrade a fireplace
  • [22:57] How to keep woodpeckers away
  • [27:20] Simple Solution: The easy way to clean gutters
  • [ 29:20] Question of the Week: How to Cover Basement Stains

Simple Solutions

Long-Reach Gutter Cleaner — Here’s a quick way to clean gutters using a leaf blower. Take a 10-foot length of plastic downspout, snip one end and pinch it closed with some duct tape.
Now, take the leaf blower, slip it into the opposite end of the downspout and you’re ready to blow out the debris from the gutter. In just a few seconds, you can blow out 8 to 10 feet of gutter without having to move your ladder once. 
Watch the Video.

Sanitize Your Dishwasher — Clean, deodorize and sanitize you dishwasher to eliminate stains and odors. Empty the dishwasher and sprinkle one cup of baking soda onto the floor of the dishwasher. Close the door and let it soak overnight. The baking soda will absorb any funky odors. In the morning, run a wash cycle with hot water. Wait a few minutes for the bottom of the dishwasher to fill with water, then open the door and pour in two cups of white vinegar. Close the door and allow the wash cycle to finish.

Question of the Week

Q: After I bought my home, the basement windows leaked. I understand now why the walls were freshly painted! Anyway, I have replaced all the windows but there is staining on the walls and floors. Is there a solution?

A: You’ll need to sand and scrape the surface and then use a quality stain blocker.

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