Above ground pool, seen with composite decking
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Many people with an above ground pool want to add decking to enhance this recreational area, but they’re not sure which type of decking to choose: composite or wood.

That’s just the question that Mark in Michigan faces.

He’s wondering whether he should install composite decking around an above-ground pool. He’s heard that composite decking, despite its durability — it won’t rot or splinter, and its insect-resistant — fades. 

Now, he’s wondering whether composite decking is even an option he should consider. 

Composite decking definitely won’t stay looking brand new forever (what does?) but the quality should remain intact even three years after installation. Besides, nothing fades faster than stained wood, so if aesthetics are an issue, he should use composite decking for his above ground pool. 

However, usually, people are most concerned about the difference in price — composite decking costs significantly more than wood. Even though a composite deck will last longer than a wood deck — 25 to 30 years compared to 10 to 30 years — writing that check makes many people choose pressure-treated pine. 

If you choose composite decking, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for how high the decking can be from the ground level. 

Also, use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner to revitalize the composite decking.

Finally, if you’re considering decking for an above ground pool, and kids will be running around, keep in mind that wood has splinters — composite decking doesn’t. 

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Simple Solutions

EZ Garden Tool Storage—Most people store their lawn and garden tools in the garage by simply standing them up and leaning them in the corner.

But that makes it hard to retrieve a tool without knocking some over.

Here’s a super-simple storage solution that only requires three concrete blocks. Stack up the three blocks wherever you want to store your tools. That creates two deep compartments for storing long-handled tools.

The blocks are heavy enough that they won’t fall over, no matter how many tools you put in there. 

Soil Sifter—Here’s a quick, easy way to sift rocks, stones and clumps of grass from topsoil.

Cut a piece of ¼-inch hardware cloth about 16 inches longer than the width of your wheelbarrow. Staple a 2×2 handle to opposite ends of the hardware cloth, then drape it over your wheelbarrow.

Now you can shovel soil onto the hardware cloth and the rocks will be filtered out and the clean soil will drop down into the wheelbarrow.

Watch: Soil Sifter

Question of the Week

Q: I have a detached garage, and the exterior door has some wood rot on the side where the door closes. Any suggestions on how best to repair this?

A: The very bottom of the side jambs on either side of the door is the most prone area to rotting because it’s sitting close to the ground.

If the damage is near the surface, you can fill it with Bondo. Bondo is not a permanent solution, but it will buy you a few years.

In this case, it looks like the damage is too severe to fix by filling with Bondo, so it will need to be cut out.

Luckily, the molding on the outside is easy to replace. All you need to do is carve out at least 2 or 3 inches above the damage, and replace the damaged area with PVC trim board instead of wood.

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