When building an eco-friendly outdoor deck, you want to be sure to use the best materials that you can to extend the life of your deck and keep it looking great for many years. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

1. Use an Easy-to-Install Flooring Material

Hardwood plywood is a great alternative to regular wood planks or wood deck tiles when installing the floor of the deck.

This material is very strong and durable, ensuring that your deck will last for a long time. Hardwood plywood is cut in very large sheets, often around 4’ by 8’, enabling you to build your deck with more ease and less time, which means less work. Always remember to do your research in order to determine the best deck board spacing for your outdoor area. 

You will be able to get your deck finished faster with hardwood plywood and enjoy it sooner.

2. Use a Material That is Strong and Resistant to Warping

When designing your eco-friendly outdoor deck, be sure to choose a material that is strong and resistant to warping as this will extend the life of the deck.

Hardwood plywood is a great material to use that is resistant to warping. This type of wood has cross-graining, which means that hardwood plywood is much less likely to split apart when you nail into it. This increases the stability of the material consistently throughout, decreasing the likelihood of any warping, whether your deck is completely covered or exposed to the elements as a rooftop deck design. 

Your deck will stay looking great and last longer with hardwood plywood.

3. Protect the Roof of Your Outdoor Deck Roof with High-Quality Roofing Shingles

You’ll most likely want to put a roof on your outdoor deck so that you can enjoy it whether there is rain or shine. When designing your deck’s roof, be sure to use high-quality roofing shingles.

The best roofing shingles are made up of a type of polymer modified asphalt, giving your roof the strength that it needs to endure all weather conditions. Asphalt protects against impacts and keeps the shingles in place, even during high-wind storms.

Reputable companies will offer warranties on their roofing shingles, usually at least 10 to 15-year warranties, along with wind-warranties of up to at least 110 mph. This will ensure that the roof over your deck will last for years to come, taking away any worries of having to replace the roofing materials anytime soon.

4. Get Greater Protection with Solar-Reflective Roofing Shingles

Using not only a high-quality roofing shingle material, but also a solar-reflecting roofing shingle material, you can greatly extend the life of your deck roof and make it eco-friendlier.

Use a roofing material that is again made out of a type of asphalt, but that also reflects solar rays. This will reduce the heat under your deck roof, making those hot summer days more enjoyable when you are outside on your deck. By reflecting those solar rays, you are protecting yourself and your family from the damage that they can cause, keeping your family healthy and safe from the sun.

Reflective roofing shingles will also keep your roof looking beautiful for longer. The color that you choose for your roof will be more resistant to fading since it will not be absorbing the damaging effects of the sun.

Choosing high-quality, solar-reflecting roofing shingles is a choice that you and your family will be grateful for.

5. Install Maintenance-Free and Long-Lasting Siding

Protect your deck from the harsh elements by installing beautiful steel log siding that is maintenance free so that you can use your outdoor deck in all types of weather conditions.

Steel log siding is eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Unlike regular wood, once it’s installed you don’t have to worry about replacing this siding for many years. This type of siding does not fade or crack, making it resistant to harsh weather and sunny days.

All you have to do to keep the steel log siding clean and looking great is wash it off, making it very easy to maintain with little effort.

Other durable and excellent alternatives are natural wood and vinyl siding options. These provide a more natural aesthetic and require more upkeep, but are sure to last the test of time.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Materials

Using these building materials on your outdoor deck is something that you will not regret and will benefit from for years to come.  Protect your family from the harsh elements of the weather and the damaging effects of the sun while they go outside and enjoy the beautiful, eco-friendly deck that you build.

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