During the spring and summer months, the beautiful, warm weather makes you almost want to live in your backyard. But, without the right set up, it may prove difficult to enjoy being outside during these nicer months.

One of the best ways to enjoy your yard is with a beautiful deck space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. A deck will provide the ideal setting for parties and outdoor dinners, and a chance to enjoy the nice weather. What’s more beautiful and appealing than a nice, modern wood deck?

Modern Deck Design Ideas Using Wood

1. Mix Wood With Metal

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For a touch of modern deck design, why not combine a beautiful, soft reddish wood with metal railing? While this is a relatively simple design idea, it can help to transform a deck into something special.

2. Choose a Darker Wood

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One of the benefits of wood is that there are so many different species to consider. Instead of choosing something lighter, consider a darker wood that creates a stronger contrast with your home’s siding, as in the picture above, for a stronger look that’s sure to stand out.

3. Go with Perpendicular Planks

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Instead of going with the classically laid deck boards that go horizontally, following the width of your home, go perpendicular, as in the picture above. This modern deck design idea is great for homes with limited space as it can make a smaller deck space seem larger, helping to create an illusion of a much bigger deck.

4. Keep Things at Ground Level

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A deck doesn’t have to be elevated high off the ground. For another modern deck patio idea, why not keep your deck closer to ground level? Whether you have a big back yard or a small one, it is a great option as it allows you to step right off onto your yard while also creating a focal point.

5.  Make it Multi-Level

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For the most part, when you think about decks, you think of a single raised, outdoor area attached to your home. Modern deck ideas can, occasionally, take this idea a little further. 

While the lower level of the deck can be the main area, you can have a smaller upper level reserved for just you and your partner. That way, you can also have a space attached to the master bedroom to enjoy the sunset or sunrise.

6. Use it for a Raised Dinner or Seating Area

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Modern decking ideas do not have to be intricate or complex. An idea can be as simple as creating a deck patio big enough to have a seating area and nothing else. When you have a deck that is dedicated to sitting and eating, you create a separate, stable space that will not sink into the ground that’s perfect for entertaining family and friends.

7. Let Plank Colors Vary

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Your new deck does not have to be uniform in coloring. In fact, many woods naturally vary somewhat plank-to-plank. So, why not take advantage of this difference in coloring and go bold? It can certainly help to create a striking appearance for any deck, like the one pictured above.

8. Built-in Wood Seating

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Another way to create a contemporary deck design is by using the same decking material for walking on and for unique, built-in seating. After all, every deck needs places to sit, right? Try building in benches against the railing for people to sit and talk.

9. Create Shine and Longevity With Stain

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Hardwood decking is a naturally beautiful option, with different colors and species. But, to protect your modern decking design and add a beautiful shine, you should apply a stain. 

10. Create a Smooth Look Using Hidden Decking Clips

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While a hardwood deck can last you for years, if it’s not spaced correct to account for the expansion and contraction that happens when temperatures change, deck boards can begin to overlap. Unfortunately, this can cause serious damage and ruin your deck. 

However, you don’t want to use clips or nails that can interrupt the modern design you worked so hard to create. Fortunately, there are deck clips to help solve that problem. 

11. Go Luxurious With Ipe

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If you really want to impress people and create a luxurious backyard environment, consider Ipe wood. Ipe, or Brazillian Walnut, is one of the most durable hardwood options on the market. The rich, dark brown hues will have a striking effect that elevates any deck design.

12. Batu Wood Provides a Softer Touch

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If Ipe seems too dark for your taste, there is also Batu wood. Batu will give your modern deck design a beautiful red hue. It is just as durable as Ipe wood and even a more affordable option. Beyond that, it is an excellent option for homeowners who would prefer more rich coloring on their decking panels.

13. Put it by the Pool

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One of the excellent characteristics of Ipe and Cumaru are their incredible denseness. The density helps to make the wood moisture-resistant, which means they do well around swimming pool areas. Because of that, if you have a pool, woods like Ipe and Cumaru are the perfect companion, as they are some of the most dense hardwoods you can find.

Why Have a Wood Deck?

Now that we’ve seen some great inspiration for your deck, let’s discuss some misconceptions people have when it comes to wood decking.

One misconception is that a wood deck doesn’t last long. The real truth is, if you choose hardwood for your modern decking design, you will have a deck that will last 50 years or more. 

Hardwood decks are incredibly durable structures that will not crack, chip or break. Added to that, hardwoods are moisture-resistant, insect-resistant and rot-resistant, so there is no worry of panels getting damaged and needing to be replaced.

Another misconception is the idea that wood decks are a fire hazard. However, there are several hardwood options that offer a Class A Fire Rating. Such a rating makes them safe to use even in fire-prone areas like California, Nevada and Colorado. 

But, one of the biggest misconceptions is that wood decks require a lot of maintenance. In reality, modern, hardwood decking is a low maintenance product.

And as an added bonus, a hardwood deck increases the value of your home. 

The Modern Wood Deck of Your Dreams

Creating the perfect deck can help make your backyard someplace incredibly special. While there are countless decking materials on the market, nothing compares to a modern wood deck. They are beautiful, durable and have endless design possibilities. So, what’s keeping you from building the hardwood deck of your dreams?

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