Having a pleasant deck not only makes you proud of your home but also brings fun to your family and friends. If you consider having or upgrading your deck skirting, you may be wondering about an option that will cut costs a bit without compromising quality.

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For starters, you don’t have to go overboard while decorating your deck. Here are some practical ideas to decorate your deck skirting without spending a fortune.

What Is the Purpose of Your Deck Skirting?

Besides improving the appearance of your house, what other considerations do you have in choosing your deck skirting design? Here are some factors that can affect your decision:

  • Additional Storage Space

Air circulation is essential if you want to convert the area beneath your deck into a storage shed to avoid your valuables becoming moist and moldy.

  • Protection From Pests

Both lattice and aluminum mesh allow plenty of air circulation while ensuring adequate pest control.

  • Extra Weather Protection

Using a plastic sheet to line the ground beneath your deck can also reduce dampness.

  • Barricade to Keep Animals Away 

Installing a wire mesh screen underneath your deck is a great way to maintain unwanted animals away.

  • Pure Aesthetic

Installing deck skirting that matches the design of your exterior house components will make your home more appealing.

Best Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas

Wooden Construction

Wood boards are an easy-to-customize deck skirting option. If you have a narrow deck, putting the planks vertically can make your deck look taller. On the other hand, Installing the planks horizontally will make your deck look wider.

Wood is always a fantastic choice for enhancing the beauty of your home while also providing a vintage feel. You wouldn’t spend too much time in the procurement process since plenty of wooden materials is specially made for deck skirting purposes.

Horizontal columns with different geometry distinguish contemporary deck skirting designs. Concrete, hardwood, and composites are the most widely used materials for deck skirting.

Plants and Shrubs

Planting a vegetable garden can serve a dual purpose: it can hide the vacant space beneath the deck while also providing you with fruits, veggies, and fresh air. The disadvantage of employing trees, bushes, or vegetation is that it requires frequent maintenance.

Remember to take extra precautions to keep the shrubs free of dead leaves. It will help open up the area and make the deck more apparent in the cold season.

Narrow Boards

Wooden planks, plywood sheets, and vinyl panels make up the majority of cheap deck skirting options. Rather than large timber boards, narrow board edges can give the deck a more sophisticated appearance. Thin wood supports can accommodate 5 to 6 sheets from a single thick piece of wood. These conventional boards can skirt a small deck with low-cost deck skirting ideas.

Wood Lattice

A wooden lattice is a prevalent material for deck skirting that you can see around your neighborhood. Although the classic interconnecting design is perhaps the most popular, you can still design your deck distinctive by trying different arrangements, colors, and materials.

Deck Made of PVC

PVC or vinyl is better than a wood board in damp environments. They’re highly versatile, weatherproof, and come in various colors. Distinctive patterns such as lattice can be customized to give extra uniqueness to your deck.

Rock-Like Polyurethane Foam

Synthetic rock skirting can give your deck a unique look. It’s usually made of intermediate polyethylene or density polyurethane foam resistant to cracking and decay. Even though it is synthetic, they have such a polished appearance, giving your deck a natural atmosphere. This artificial boulder can be used in both vertical and horizontal configurations.


You can replace your deck skirting with composite or vinyl panels. Suppose you want a more long-lasting alternative to wood. In that case, deck skirting materials constructed from composite decking are your best option to save money.


Redbrick is always a great choice if you want your area to be rustic and classy without spending much money. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective option that requires little upkeep. You will get robust deck skirting with this material because it is highly durable.


Look for a leftover fencing material from your yard and use it as a deck skirt for a cheaper deck skirting option. With this, you will get a lot of airflows because the panels are distant from each other. Because air can easily pass through, you’re less likely to develop mold or mildew underneath the deck.

Synthetic Stone Wall Panels

For long-lasting and natural-looking stone deck skirts, try synthetic faux panels. Textured deck skirts made of realistic faux panels are lighter than natural stones. These faux panels are simple to install and suitable for a one-man project. It is not recommended to use natural stones as a deck skirting material since they have a lot of disadvantages, including frequent maintenance and sensitivity to changes in weather.

Pallet Deck

Pallet deck skirting is another alternative to utilize lumber. They are ideal for houses with a country or barn-style construction. A Pallet deck is simple to set up, and has a low production cost.

The pallet deck provides your area with warmth and an earthy vibe. Install spotlights against the palette for a modern look.

How Much Do Deck Skirting Costs?

Skirting materials range from 0 to more than $30 per square foot. The overall costs of the deck skirting installation depend on your deck’s preference and area.

Your budget is essential in designing your deck skirting. Be cautious to budget for additional supplies and the cost of annual maintenance.

Deck Skirting Maintenance

Here are some things you can do to save more money and extend the life of your deck.

  • Cleaning. Depending on the material, a simple spray with a garden hose may suffice. In some cases, scrubbing may be required to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Maintenance. Maintaining your deck skirting is essential to extend the lifespan of your deck. Cleaning is required for all deck skirting materials; the difference is how frequently they must be cleaned. For example, to preserve the hardwood from cracking and deteriorating, you’ll need to seal and reapply weather-proofing coats to the deck skirting.
  • Ventilation. If you have a wood deck, proper ventilation is essential. The hardwood on top of the deck will dry and contract if there’s not enough air circulation, while the underneath region will stay moist, causing the deck to sag. The result of water damage on your deck is unattractive and costly to repair.

That’s all there is to it! I hope you learned a lot from this blog about low-cost deck skirt options. It’s important to remember that skirting isn’t simply about the fabric you choose and how you cut it. It’s also about your work’s design and quality.

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