Deck & Yard Maintenance Tips to Enjoy Outdoor Living

Composite decking and steel tine rake
Want to enjoy outdoor living at its finest? Then regularly maintain your deck and lawn.

Your home doesn’t end with your back door — it extends to your backyard. So, it’s important to maintain the outside of your home just as you do the inside.

Here are some chores you can tackle to enjoy outdoor living at its finest.

Deck Maintenance

Composite decking
Composite decking is a durable, low-maintenance alternative to wood decks.

Decks, for many homes, are the hub for outdoor gatherings with family and friends, so they need to be safe, secure and in good shape.

Wood decks are popular for their natural beauty and affordability, but maintaining them requires more time and money compared to some alternatives.

Trex RainEscape
Trex’s RainEscape system — laid under composite decking — protects the space beneath your deck from moisture.

On the other hand, composite decking from Trex requires little to no maintenance. The boards, made from more than 95% recycled materials, just need an occasional soap-and-water cleaning to stay looking great — no sanding or staining. And they come in a variety of colors — all with a 25-year warranty.

The deck can double as storage with Trex’s RainEscape system, which protects the area below the deck from moisture — making it perfect for storing lawn tools and equipment.

As an added benefit, the system directs water away from the home’s foundation, avoiding costly damage.

Gardening and Yardwork Made Easier

AMES’ Ergo Gel Trowel
AMES’ Ergo Gel Trowel

No one wants to spend more time or energy than necessary to get a beautiful lawn and landscape, and you don’t have to if you have the right tools for the job.

For container gardening, use AMES’ Ergo Gel Trowel and Hand Cultivator. These tools have an ergonomic handle and gel-grip insert, help prevent fatigue and are especially beneficial for gardeners with arthritis or limited hand strength.
They’re the perfect tools to plant lavender, rosemary and marigolds in containers, or add them to existing beds since they naturally repel mosquitoes and other outdoor pests.

AMES’ Landscape Border Edger
AMES’ Landscape Border Edger

Homeowners needing to define borders for flowerbeds or walkways can look to the Landscape Border Edger, which makes the job easy with its serrated edge, footstep and wide handle.

Here are more tips for a lush, green lawn:
• Keep it debris-free. Lawns need to breathe and can easily get overrun with weeds and thatch. Using a steel tine rake helps remove these and other debris that can suffocate grass.
• Water weekly. Lawns need at least one inch of water per week, and more when the heat is severe.
• Raise your mower blade and keep it sharp. Taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and provides shade to keep weeds at bay.
• Add stepping stones or pavers to high-traffic areas. This will minimize damage to your grass when it’s most vulnerable.

To fully enjoy any backyard paradise, homeowners should add some shade to their outdoor spaces.
A variety of budget- and DIY-friendly options include:
Installing an awning
Building a pergola
• Adding a piece of sailcloth

Further Reading
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