December Home Maintenance To-Do List

Rolled up garden hose
When temperatures dip, it’s time to drain your garden house and store it inside. (DepositPhotos)

To-Do #4: Disconnect and Drain Garden Hoses

Now is the time to head outside and drain your garden hoses before freezing weather arrives. Hoses left attached and full of water can be ruined if the water freezes and splits the hose.

Start by disconnecting each hose and removing any spray nozzles. Lift one end of the hose up and move down the hose to allow the water to drain out. Store the drained hoses in a shed or garage until spring.

If you need a hose for occasional watering during the winter, disconnect and drain it after each use. Make sure to remove or open the sprayer nozzle so any water left inside can expand and freeze without breaking the hose.


  1. Thanks for this info. I had no idea filters had different “sides.” Your site (and TV series) has helped this senior citizen more than you’ll ever know. Please keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!

  2. I have a 1950’s Ranch home with detached garage. There only 3 joists (~20′ – 2×4) in the garage running side to side. Each of them are cracking at knot holes. What is the best way to strengthen/fix (sister another 2×4, or bolt 3″x2″ steel angle and bolt together)??


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