Danny’s Home Advice Now Heard on the Radio

Danny Lipford (left) and Joe Truini host the “Today’s Homeowner” radio show.

Tune in to Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford Radio, broadcast on over 100 radio stations nationwide, for the latest home improvement advice.

Danny was tapped to take over the Homefront radio show after the unexpected passing of the show’s founder and longtime host Don Zeman, and he’s continuing the format that made it so successful.

Over the course of the show, you’ll hear Danny answer questions from listeners about a variety of home topics. And you never know what special guest will drop by to share the microphone and some home insights as well.

You can learn a lot about your home and be entertained in the process by tuning in to Today’s Homeowner Radio. Go to our Radio Station Listings page to find out where and when to listen to Today’s Homeowner Radio in your area, or listen to past episodes online!

To find out more about the radio show, visit


  1. I look forward to your show every week. I always learn something. Wish I had the money to do a lot of your projects…but a good many of them are on my wish list. Thanks for the “seasonal” to-do lists online too. I grew up in Texas and now in my 70’s live alone in Pennsylvania. There are so many more things to do for the seasons here that it is almost overwhelming.
    You, Allen, Chelsea and the rest of the crew are the best. Love the “new” tool ideas and those “tips”. Thank you all and keep it up. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

  2. I called in to let you know how to remove thin set mortar. Thought I would also email you. After removing the old tile, it happened that we accidentally spilled a glass of water on the old mortar. It softened in a very short time. We then wet the whole floor and the mortar was very easy to remove with a wide putty knife.

  3. Regarding show 03/28/2020, reference to station WILS Lansing, MI. Michigan State University 3 Medical schools: College of Human Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, and 3rd most likely is College of Veterinary Medicine! Go Green! Go White!


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