I love everything about my new barbecue setup, which is right off the kitchen and tucked in here at the end of the deck — but there’s no counter!

In addition, there’s not much room to set up a table. But I’ve made the most of what little space I’ve got.

For instance, I’ve been using a little handrail section at the end of the deck. On the underside of the railing, I installed two vinyl-coated cup hooks. It’s a perfect area to hang some barbecue tools — out of the way, but readily available when you need them.

As for the railing on top, I’ve been using it for setting up condiments. But the space is really narrow, so it provides limited use, especially during barbecues with family and friends — instead, I thought I’d convert that into a counter.

This is just like making a simple shelf; it’s just a wide board and, on the other side, you can see I screwed on two pieces of narrow wood to form this cleat that has an L-shaped notch, and that notch fits right onto the back of the handrail.

Then you just tap it and it locks right in place. It’s nice and sturdy, and offers plenty of room.

Look out for platters of food, and the great thing is at the end of the day, when you’re all done barbecuing, just pop off this portable counter and store it. 

Watch the video above to find out more.

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