When it comes to home renovations, no area takes center stage quite like the kitchen, as finding the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics, and comfort is the dream of any homeowner.

When breaking this down and looking at kitchen renovations, in particular, no project can have quite the value of a countertop replacement. Kitchen countertops have many functions and are subjected to unique wear unlike that seen in any other area of the house. Kitchen countertops must:

  • Look phenomenal, as they are likely the first thing people notice when observing your kitchen
  • Resist stains from spilled beverages and food scraps
  • Withstand constant sliding and grinding of china, cutlery, and cookware
  • Perform in the face in significant changes in temperature
  • Double as a surface for hosting game night and other social get-togethers

In order to pass the test on all of these levels, average will not get the job done–you must invest in the best. To this effect, no surface material is better suited to meet the needs of your kitchen than Hanex acrylic countertops.

Hanex Solid Surface Countertops are Nonporous

Even the most fastidious homeowner will not be able to keep kitchen countertops completely clean at meal time, with food and beverage messes a simple fact of life. 

While traditionally popular kitchen countertops, such as marble and concrete, are porous and susceptible to staining from these everyday spills, Hanex acrylic-based solid  surface countertops are nonporous and stain-resistant.

Not only does this prevent the buildup of harmful mold and bacteria that could threaten to undermine the structural integrity of the countertops, but it makes cleaning as simple as a wipe of the rag–an especially important consideration in the COVID-19 era.

Hanex Solid Surface Countertops are Customizable

Hanex countertops are thermoformable, meaning that they can be shaped, via heat, into essentially any form you want. 

This is an important consideration for homes that are undergoing a kitchen remodel that sees a wall torn down to create a more open space. As many of these renovations feature some sort of island/bar combination, finding materials that match can present a bit of a logistical challenge, given the limited dimensions of the existing space.

Hanex acrylic surfaces are the best option for this type of renovation because they can be custom fabricated to meet the specifications of the remodeling project–round or square, tall or short–with the ability to be created in a one-piece design with sinks and backsplashes, as well.

Hanex Solid Surface Countertops are Creative

While traditional countertop materials can be obtained in a variety of colors, many tend to be pigeonholed into a “stately and elegant” aesthetic to denote their quality.

Hanex countertops can offer appeal to a much broader, innovative clientele. Available in over 80 designs and colors, Hanex offers options to appeal to the bold and trendy and options for those who desire a more quiet, understated quality in their surfaces.

Hanex Solid Surface Countertops are Durable

Hanex acrylic-based solid surface countertops are fabricated into a seamless structure that offers outstanding protection from cracking and chipping. They also have a Class 1 fire rating, making them a safe option in the event of a kitchen emergency.

Hanex Solid Surface Countertops are Versatile

While Hanex countertops are likely to be featured in your kitchen, Hanex solid surface designs are also just as at home in the bathroom. Hanex acrylics make outstanding bathroom vanities, and many homeowners enjoy having a one-piece acrylic shower wall and floor to guarantee that no leaking occurs.


Kitchen countertops must be fabricated of premier materials to maximize appearance, comfort, and functionality. To this effect, no material is greater than Hanex acrylic-based solid surface countertops. Given their nonporosity, customizability of design, and ability to be used in different areas of the house, Hanex acrylics should be considered by any homeowner looking into renovations.

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