Correcting Compacted Insulation & Countertops 101

Today’s Homeowner Radio

Danny and Joe talk to a homeowner who wants to know if he should get new insulation blown into his attic. He’s done a little bit of work up there and caused the current insulation to become compacted. The solution could be as simple as a hand tool from the garden section of a home store.

Plus, you’ll hear from natural stone and quartz expert Tony Neylon. Shopping for that perfect countertop can be overwhelming. You’ll hear natural stone and quartz expert, Tony Neylon talk about some of the new trends happening right now in stone countertops.

And, Joe has a simple solution that will make your next painting project drip-free.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini

Fixing Smooshed Insulation

Jason in Missouri says, “I want to add additional cellulose insulation to my attic, it is just a top off as I already have about 7 inches but its smooshed down as I had to walk on it for electric repairs. The space that’s really bad like rafters showing is about a 15 by 25-foot area around a pesky set of can lights lol do I just fluff by hand or do I need to rent the machine and just blow the whole attic.”

Solution for a Slippery Deck

Donna in New York says, “My son just a new Trex deck and stairs. He is finding the stairs very slippery. His wife likes the way they look without putting treads on them. Is there anything thing else they can do?”

Staining a Fiberglass Door

Cheryl in Illinois says, “How to stain an exterior wood grain fiberglass door.”

New Cracks in a New Patio

Kevin in Alabama says, “We just recently had a 16’x17′ stamped concrete patio poured. The contractor discussed control joints with me but thought they would impact the appearance of the stamped design and convinced me it would be okay. Now we have several cracks and the concrete is not fully cured. The contractor said it’s too late to cut the control joints because it has already cracked. I’m unhappy with the result. Should I be concerned, or will I have to live with the cracks?”

Talking with a Pro

Tony Neylon Interview

Danny and Joe talk to natural stone expert Tony Neylon of Delta Stone LLC. It can be overwhelming for folks when shopping for a new countertop. Tony has some advice that will make this experience easier. Also, Tony encourages homeowners to look at all parts of a stone slab. You may have a need for just one part of the stone depending on the specific pattern you need.

Mosquito Formula

I Hate Mosquitos!

Nancy in Florida writes,
“Please, please, please help!!!
I can’t even go outside for a few minutes without getting bit by mosquitoes. I would love to let my grandkids play out back, but because of the mosquitoes we just completely AVOID going outside.
It’s awful. My grandkids love the outdoors, but at Grammy’s house, that’s a big fat NO! I hate mosquitoes! So I would absolutely love your help with plants and gadgets and advice to eliminate these mean pests and keep me from having to tell my grandkids that they can’t play outside.”

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Paint Drips Strike Out

To minimize messy drips when painting directly from a can of paint make a strike wire.

Rescue Worn-Out Wire Brush

Because of the way most of us use a wire brush, the bristles near the very end of the brush wear out prematurely, rendering the brush useless—almost. Here’s how to save a badly worn, deformed wire brush.

Best New Products

Impact Rated Driving Kit

Now that the kiddos are back in the classroom – DIYer Parents can start checking off the list of projects they want to get done around the house. One assignment no one wants is heading to the store because you don’t have the right size bit for a job. Well, RYOBI has solved that problem with its Impact Rated Driving kit.

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