Over the last few years, there’s been a renewed interest in using wood countertops in the kitchen. Wood has long been considered a warm, beautiful addition to many areas of the home, but over time other materials began to replace it for kitchen counters, such as granite, quartz, and solid surfaces like Corian. 

Wood still makes an excellent countertop surface, and in recent years, people have returned to utilizing wood as a viable countertop to enhance their kitchens. While not every wood is going to function as a countertop, white oak often thrives. White oak is a hard, durable wood that’s readily available and can be formed into countertops with a wide range of different styles. Including it in your kitchen design can give your overall style a big boost. 

The Benefits of Using White Oak Countertops

There are a lot of benefits to using a white oak countertop in the kitchen. Wood is a very resilient material that works well for counters and other surfaces. It can be sanded and refinished again and again, so it’s often longer lasting than some other materials like laminate.

1. Durability 

White oak is a fairly durable hardwood, with a Janka score of 1360, which means that it’s harder and more durable than red oak, beech, ash, and several other domestic hardwoods. White oak holds  up fairly well to everyday use in the kitchen, and  can be given an oiled finish or a commercial grade finish to help it resist scratching and staining. 

Solid surface countertops can easily scratch, stain, and melt while laminate countertops can also scratch, stain, and peel. Wood with a factory finish can resist some scratches and stains, and can be refinished as needed, so it’s a longer lasting material than some other popular countertop materials. 

2. Color and Appearance

White oak is a light-colored wood with a sometimes blue/gray undertone or grain to it. It can have a deep brown in the heartwood as well. This makes it a light, but warm color that can complement a wide range of different kitchen styles.

One of the reasons that wood has risen in popularity in the last few years for kitchens is because of the parallel resurgence of white cabinetry. White kitchens tend to look cold and sterile, so the inclusion of a wood countertop brings some warmth and depth to the design.

Used in a darker kitchen, a white oak countertop can also help lighten and add contrast. White oak that has a darker grain can pair well with dark cabinets to help create more depth in the room. Or, white oak that has a blue/gray undertone would also match well with blue painted cabinets – another trend that’s popular in country style kitchens. 

3. Finishes and Styles

Wood is one of the most versatile materials for creating a countertop. It can be sanded smooth and given a sleek, contemporary look, or it can be wire brushed or given a more rustic appearance. It’s possible to find reclaimed wood white oak countertops that can enhance a farmhouse or cabin-style kitchen, or to use a sleek, polished wood countertop that can work well in a modern home. 

White oak has a naturally straight grain that can sometimes be more rustic or cross grained in appearance, which can lend itself to working well in a variety of settings. 

Caring for a White Oak Countertop

Wood countertops are very easy to care for. You can clean them with soap and a damp cloth on a daily basis. If you have a countertop with an oiled finish, you can reapply wood oil, as needed to help restore the wood to its original appearance and show off the luster and sheen it had on the day you had it installed. Just be sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible to help prevent stains or discolorations of the wood.

In most cases, it is recommended that you use a cutting board on your wood countertop like you would on other surfaces. However, some people may find that the scratches and wear that a countertop can take over time only enhance its beauty, and may prefer to work directly on the wood, rather than with a cutting board.

Update Your Kitchen’s Appearance with White Oak Countertop

Whether you’re looking for a way to warm up a contemporary kitchen or you want a way to complement a more rustic space, white oak countertops can be a beautiful addition to your home. Sleek or wire-brushed, white oak has the ability to enhance any space. 

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