Simplify Your Remodel with New Cabinet and Countertop Integration Process

From doing your dishes in the bathtub to brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink, remodeling your kitchen or bath can put a big crimp in your daily life.  This is why most homeowners welcome anything to make the process go smoother and faster.  And thankfully there’s a new option that can help bring it all together easier, choosing Merillat® and DeNova™ countertops.

Merillat’s innovative smart storage solutions now extend beyond cabinetry with the addition of DeNova countertops. This partnership integrates the design, selection and installation of cabinets and countertops making the process of remodeling your kitchen or bath much more seamless.

Maple Chiffon and Kona

How does the integration work?

Merillat and DeNova’s smart integration starts with a state-of-the-art templating process, replacing the traditional paper, cardboard or plywood templating processes.  The new process involves a highly accurate, laser-assisted measuring technology that allows the cabinets and countertop to fit flawlessly together — significantly reducing installation cycle time and assuring just the right fit.

The Merillat and DeNova templating process has two measuring options; the process used varies based upon the type and stage of a construction project. Whether the project is for new construction or remodeling, the technology can be employed at the stud stage or with cabinets in place. Measurements are gathered by either a laser or electronic arm at the job site and data is transmitted electronically to the countertop fabricating facility, speeding up the process and reducing the possibility of human error. Both of these processes can save days or weeks over other traditional methods.

Where can I see the Merillat and DeNova integration in action?

A beautiful example of this integration is Danny Lipford’s recent Kuppersmith Project, which pairs Merillat cabinetry and DeNova countertops by adding functional storage and beautiful style solutions to nine areas within the Kuppersmith home.

With the integration of DeNova countertops, Merillat offers the total kitchen solution.  In the Kuppersmith kitchen you will find many of Merillat’s functional cabinetry solutions as well as DeNova’s natural quartz countertop.  This was selected for the primary work surfaces in the kitchen because of its durability and scratch, chip and heat resistance.

“I have found the cabinet and countertop integration process quick and easy, it was perfect for the Kuppersmith project as it was a huge undertaking,” said Danny Lipford. “In fact, we were able to utilize the efficient measuring and installation method all over the house helping to simplify the remodel while making each room beautiful and functional.”
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