Countertops take a lot of abuse in your home or commercial business. Whether it’s your kitchen or your bathroom, your countertops need to be durable and ready to hold up to your daily use. Your home is a host to a variety of items being laid on your countertops at any time, and your commercial kitchen or business has even more opportunities for problems. If you do not have durable countertops, you can end up with cracked tops, pits or fissures, and stains that won’t come off.

You may be ready to redo your countertops and it is important to know your options available out there to choose from. There are several beautiful choices to select such as marble, granite, Formica, and even concrete countertop options. Some families are also using wood as their new countertop option. You can stain it any color you like to fit any decor you may have. 

While there are several great options, one specific material is rising to the top in popularity. That is quartz. Quartz countertops are being chosen again and again for upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms, desktops, commercial kitchens, and bars, and there are many reasons why. Whether you’re looking for a durable product, budget-friendly addition to your renovation, or a great consistent look, quartz is a great product to consider. Take a look here at ten things you probably didn’t know about quartz countertops before choosing your upgrade material.

1. Quartz is Extremely Durable

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When it comes to durability, it is a requirement for all kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz is one of the most durable countertop options you could ever choose. It is a very strong substance and, it’s one of the strongest ones known to man. These countertops can work well in commercial kitchens as well because they can take a lot of abuse and still look beautiful. One great advantage to Quartz bathroom countertops is that they do not develop pits or fissures that can attract mold or mildew, as other materials are prone to. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Quartz is also resistant to both scratches and stains, so it is easy to keep it looking great for years to come in a busy kitchen.

2. Quartz is a More Affordable Alternative to Marble

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Although marble is a beautiful countertop option, you may want to think twice. When it comes to your budget, quartz that looks like marble is a more affordable alternative than choosing actual marble. Marble prices can vary drastically and do not offer quite as many benefits as quartz does. If you’re looking for a durable, affordable option, then quartz is your choice. Not only does marble cost more to install than quartz countertops cost, but it is also more high-maintenance than quartz. You can expect to have to seal this product multiple times over the life of the countertop as well as clean with special products. In the end, it will cost more to install and care for, plus you’re looking at the added potential for damage to the marble.

3. Eco-Friendly Man-Made Material

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“Going green” is a huge benefit when you’re redoing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. You can rest easy knowing that your quartz countertops are eco-friendly. They are a man-made material that consists of around 90% natural quartz. It is a great way to add in a beautiful touch of elegance and style while being conscious of your environmental impact as well. 

4. A Variety of Uses

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You’ll love the versatility of quartz countertops. They are good for more than just your kitchen sink area or your bathroom. The countertop options can be used as an overhanging display area for seating such as your bar. They fit well on island tops in the middle of your kitchen preparation areas. They can also be used in the waterfall style, so they can go down an island to give you more room for storage while looking great at the same time. You can use these items as desktops or even drain boards around your sink area. Because of the versatility and durability, they can fit practically anywhere you need a solid top for your home.

Other uses include your bathroom areas as well as your laundry room countertop. You can use quartz countertops for your bathroom vanity, customized shelving in your shower unit, the threshold of your shower, or your sinks that are hung on the wall. They also do well as the surrounding cover for your shower. 

As a restaurant owner or a commercial business, you may want to consider quartz as well. There are many uses where quartz would be your best choice for countertops including health countertop areas, desks for a lobby area, conference room tables and the restaurant bar.

5. Low Maintenance Countertop 

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When it comes to maintaining your countertops, you’re going to love how low key quartz is. Because it does not require resin to seal the tops, you do not have to find special cleaners as you do with other countertop selections. The tops are non-porous, like solid surface kitchen countertops, which means you do not have to worry about a spill or accident on the material. Simply wipe it up and it’s gone.

There’s no staining involved because the countertop will not soak up the liquid like others can. Another benefit is that the quartz will not become dull over time. However, be aware that it can dull your utensils if you cut on the quartz directly. Cleanup is super simple with just mild soap, water, and a soft rag on a daily basis.

6. Quartz is NOT Quartzite

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Quartz should not be confused with the quartzite material. While quartz is man-made, quartzite is actually metamorphic stone comprised of quartz and other materials. There will be more maintenance required with quartzite than straight quartz tops as well. Where quartz is very durable, you’ll find that quartzite is not as durable. It may have issues with cracks, etching, and even fissures. The cost is highly variable for quartzite where quartz is more of a steady cost. You’ll also never have two of the same style pieces of quartzite as no two are alike. With quartz, you can match your entire area as it is easier to get the same pattern and style consistently throughout each piece. 

7. Simple to Customize

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Customizing your countertops is one way to bring your own sense of style to your home. There are some countertop options that do not give you that luxury. However, quartz allows you to customize your home or business look with ease. You’ll find there are options that will resemble Italian marble or limestone. For those with a more industrial/contemporary style, you’ll find that you can make it look like concrete countertops or simply display a bold/bright color. You can also choose from a sleek solid black quartz to a vibrant white quartz option if you’re looking for design ideas for your transitional kitchen or bathroom area. 

The options truly are endless with the varying vein patterns that you’ll find throughout quartz. Because of the man-made quality, you can trust that each slab is consistent and will make for a seamless appearance anywhere you install them. 

8. Need Professionals to Install

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While it may seem like you should or could install quartz on your own, it is best to have professionals do the job for you. Quartz is extremely heavy and can be dangerous to work with on your own. You want to ensure that the countertop is installed properly so that it will last a lifetime. Working with a team of professionals will allow you to do just that. You want to work with someone who has experience and knowledge of installing the countertops properly so that you’re getting the most benefit out of your purchase. 

9. Affordable Option for Countertop  

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When comparing the price of quartz to marble, granite or even quartzite you’ll find that quartz is the best affordable option out there. Marble, granite, and quartzite can vary greatly in price depending on the style, quality of the product, and the installation charges to have it properly put in. When you want a highly durable material for a great price, quartz is the way to go. Not only will it pay for itself in the long run, but you’ll also be satisfied with the durability, simplistic cleaning, and the variety of places you can use this product. All the while being super simple on your wallet!

10. Quartz is Very Abundant 

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You don’t have to worry about running out of quartz. This is because quartz countertops are made of 90% natural stone. In fact, quartz itself is one of the most abundant materials on Earth making it easy to supply. 

Consider Quartz Countertops

Installing new countertops can be quite a daunting task. You are probably concerned about budget, style, and making sure it can withstand everything your family or business will throw at it. That is exactly why you should consider installing quartz countertops. These options offer a low-maintenance product that will look good for years to come, without worrying about staining, pitting, or cracking. It is a very versatile product that can be used throughout your home or office and helps you to display an elegant, seamless look.

Keep quartz countertop in mind as you look to renovate your home or office this coming year. The benefits of the product are tremendous. Quartz countertops are truly a wise investment and one you’ll be glad you chose when you see them in your residence for years to come.

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