With so many materials available for kitchen countertops, you may be wondering: Which material is right for my home? 

That’s a fair question that you should be asking. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is often the selling factor for many homes on the market. 

Natural stone countertops such as granite, marble, and quartz are the best option for kitchen countertops for many reasons. 

Advantages of a Natural Stone Countertops

1. Visually Appealing

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Natural stone countertops bring a luxurious, timeless aesthetic to any space. Unlike many man-made countertop materials, natural stone includes pieces of nature, whether it be marble, granite, or quartzite. Natural stone countertops literally bring a slice of nature into your home, and you can choose a unique piece that works perfectly in your space. 

With some types of natural stone, like quartz, you can choose unique designs that best fit your home’s personality. With dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, you can bring elements from all corners of the Earth into your home with quartz countertops. 

Natural stone is considered to be a luxurious material because of its aesthetics and durability — truly one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. 

2. Long-lasting

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Unlike some man-made materials, natural stone countertops are long-lasting and will likely last as long, if not longer than your home. So when you invest in natural stone countertops, you won’t have to worry about replacing them a few years down the road due to age. 

Natural stone countertops are not only crafted from natural materials, but also ancient substances. They were around long before we were, and they will survive long after us. 

Buying natural stone countertops is an investment that will truly last a lifetime.

3. Durable

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Many natural stone options are incredibly durable and are heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. With natural stone countertops, you don’t need to worry about heat damage from pots and pans, nor do you need to worry about scratching your countertop. If you do accidentally damage your natural stone countertop, it is easy to fix, and the results are virtually undetectable. 

Natural stone countertops like granite are not likely to stain if you care for them properly, and other materials, like quartz, will never stain because of their nonporous surface. 

4. Sanitary

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Some natural stone surfaces are highly resistant to bacteria and make a great, sanitary prep surface for food. Depending on the type of natural stone you choose, cleaning will be a breeze — you don’t need to worry about bacteria growing on your countertops, and you can clean granite and quartz with warm water and mild soap. Stones like granite and quartz are great options because they are nonporous and will not breed harmful bacteria in their pores — because they don’t have any. 

5. Low-maintenance

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Natural stone countertops are also easy to care for, requiring little to no maintenance. Some types of natural stone, such as granite, require sealing, but other options, like quartz, do not require any maintenance. Just clean them after use with warm water and mild soap, and they will look as good as new. 

You never need to worry about constantly maintaining your natural stone countertops!

6. Smooth

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Because natural stone countertops can be cut in one large slab, there are no joints or cracks, creating a flat surface. 

Depending on the design you choose, you may not have to incorporate any joints into your natural stone countertops — they can be one solid piece! That means no joints or cracks that can give nasty bacteria time to grow and no tough-to-clean areas.

Additionally, countertop materials like tile often have grout between the pieces, which can give bacteria a hard-to-clean home.

With natural stone, you will have a smooth, sanitary surface for meal prep, workspace, and more.

7. Valuable

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Natural stone countertops are known to increase your home’s value! When you’re remodeling your home, one of the best places to start is the kitchen. Even if you are not planning to sell for a long time, remodeling your kitchen and incorporating natural stone will add value because it will never go out of style.

Many times, buyers will favor homes with natural stone countertops, and having quartz or granite as the countertop surface in your kitchen will make your home more attractive to buyers. Homebuyers often look for natural stone countertops in a kitchen — sometimes, it is the factor that makes a home browser a home buyer!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or are looking to remodel before listing your house on the market, natural stone countertops are a great choice because of their many positive characteristics. Natural stone adds value to your home and your life!

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