Choosing between granite and quartz countertops for your home can be tough since both have advantages and disadvantages. Which you ultimately select depends on your specific needs and preferences. Make an informed decision based on your lifestyle after considering the key differences between the two. 

Key Differences Between Granite and Quartz

Countertops are one of the most frequently used and visible surfaces in your home, so choosing the right material is important. Below we’ll outline key points to consider.

1. Durability

Quartz, an engineered stone, is more durable for countertops. Granite stains easily, needs periodic sealing, and chips more readily than quartz. Resin sealers can help strengthen granite, but the durability still won’t match that of quartz. In my experience, quartz has become more popular with homeowners based on its durability. 

2. Appearance

Quartz offers consistent coloring with lots of pigment options. Granite displays natural color variations. While granite is limited to earth tones, quartz can mimic exotic solid surface colors. Your personal preferences dictate whether you prefer granite or quartz’s appearance.

Choose granite if you prefer consistency and a wide range of colors. Opt for quartz if you prefer natural tones and color.

granite countertop samples

3. Maintenance

Quartz is lower maintenance, needing less frequent cleaning with milder detergents compared to porous granite. Granite also requires periodic sealing, while quartz doesn’t. Lower maintenance needs make quartz preferable among seniors and parents with young children. 

Quartz is also a great choice for messy laundry room countertops. Low-maintenance countertops save you money on cleaners and sealers.

4. Natural vs. Engineered

Granite features an authentic natural stone look. Choose granite over quartz if you prefer natural material, unique color variations, and the striation that characterizes this stone. Quartz is engineered from quartz particles along with resins and pigments. If you don’t have a preference for natural materials, quartz is an appealing choice.

brown granite countertop

Bottom Line

The right choice depends on your priorities:

  • Granite for distinctive natural beauty and earth tones
  • Quartz for durability, easy care, and consistent colors
  • Neither is better overall. In choosing, think carefully about your unique needs and tastes.

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FAQs About Quartz and Granite

Do quartz or granite countertops cost more?

Quartz is often pricier than granite due to engineering and color consistency. But prices can vary by material and supplier.

Which is most durable?

Quartz resists stains, damage, and bacteria growth better.

Which needs more maintenance?

Granite requires frequent sealing and cleaning.

Which looks most natural?

Granite has a true natural stone appearance.

Can quartz mimic granite?

No, quartz lacks granite’s innate color variations.

Which is better for the outdoors?

Granite works well for outdoor kitchens. Quartz is better inside.

Which has sharper edges?

Both can be sharp unless the edges are round

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