Kitchen countertops tend to be one of the most used items within your home. From cooking dinner, to eating breakfast, to hosting buffets and family get togethers, countertops need to be comprised of a material that is both easy to clean and durable. Today there are many different options to consider for your countertops.

It’s important for any home improvement project to research your options beforehand to save yourself from future repair expenses on low quality materials. For Countertops, considering looking at quartz vs. granite countertops. Granite tends to be the more popular option for homeowners looking to get a bang for their buck. However, the popularity in quartz is rising in today’s interior design trends. Quartz Countertops are a durable and easy to customize alternative to natural stone countertops. Offered in a variety of colors, from white quartz, gray quartz countertops, black quartz, even quartz countertops that look like marble, the options are endless. No matter what style you’re going for in your home, you can easily achieve the look you want with quartz countertops.

For more information on everything you should know about quartz countertops check out the infographic below provided by Hanstone Quartz.

quartz countertop infographic

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