What good are beautiful countertops if you can’t take care of them? Countertop materials come in a variety of styles but most of them will require maintenance or resealing down the road — some materials more than others. In case you want to know not only how to care for your kitchen countertops, but how to keep your entire kitchen as clean and healthy as possible, here are some tips you can use.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance

Countertop Maintenance
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Engineered Quartz is ever-increasing in the world of remodeling. Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen our laundry room countertops in a modern home, because they are non-porous and do not require sealing. However, it is important to attack stains as soon as possible with a non-abrasive cleaner. Daily cleaning with soap and water is highly recommended. Because Quartz is non-porous there is no need to use intensive cleaners such as bleach or oven cleaner, so it’s best to avoid these at all costs.

Marble Countertop Maintenance

Countertop Maintenance
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For marble countertops, it’s important to remember that these are a natural stone that is porous and requires more maintenance than engineered stone. You’ll need to make sure your marble countertop is sealed when installed, and when water stops beading on the countertops’ surface, it’s time to replace the sealant. Buff out chemical corrosion with marble polish. Oil stains need either hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or mineral spirits to lift them out. Food stains can be removed with water, baking soda, and dish soap mixed together, but remember that vinegar, tomatoes, and citrus will stain your marble, so do not let these foods sit on your counter.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

Countertop Maintenance
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Granite, like marble, is a natural stone material. A lot of granite countertops do not require a sealant, but it is often a good idea to apply one, anyways, in order to maximize their longevity. The best kind of sealant for Granite is a penetrative one that seeps into the material and protects it for 10-15 years. For spills and stains, dab your granite, don’t wipe it, with a granite-friendly cleaner. Remember that extreme temperature changes can harm natural stone, so try to avoid putting hot pans or pots on granite if you room is chilly. Coffee, juice, and wine can easily leave marks if not tended to immediately. To clean up water-based marks like this, use some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and the stain will lift easily.

Solid Surface Care

Countertop Maintenance
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Solid surface countertops are known for being durable and low-maintenance. Scratches can be buffed out easily with a slightly abrasive material. Be sure to clean up after chopping, mixing, crafting, or spilling on them with simple dish soap and water. Glass and general purpose cleaners also do a good job here. To prevent stains and scratches, keep hot objects, knives, and strong chemicals away from solid surface kitchen countertops. Solid surface materials are non-porous and about as smooth as can be, leaving no room for grime buildup at all. Stains usually wash right out with basic cleaning materials.

Caring for Your Kitchen Floors

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While countertop health is important, caring for your concrete kitchen floors is equally so. If you have stained concrete floors, you should care for them by staining them and applying high-quality products to them that keep your floors looking shiny while remaining durable. There’s a lot you can do for your concrete kitchen floors here and it depends on what your preferences and needs are. High-quality products from good companies are key here.

Don’t Forget About Air Quality

Air quality is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating the perfect kitchen (and home) atmosphere. There’s a good chance you’ll be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, and breathing in healthy air can really affect you and your family’s health. Consider having your air ducts cleaned and sealed to optimize your kitchen’s air quality and improve your health. 

Duct cleaning is best done by a professional company that can come in and seal up your ductwork while cleaning it out at the same time, making sure the quality of your kitchen air is uncompromised by dust, bacteria, or other contaminants. This is vital to maintaining a healthy kitchen, and should not be overlooked.

Many Things Go into Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Building a kitchen you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come is hard work. But, with some effort and willingness to apply the tips in this article, you should be able to do so without many obstacles. 

By remembering to properly care for your quartz, marble, wood, and solid surface countertops, you can prevent them from becoming damaged and run-down looking. Also, by treating your concrete kitchen floors with the best products, you can keep it shiny and unblemished.

Maintaining near-perfect air-quality is also crucial to creating a healthy, clean kitchen. Go through a professional duct cleaning company for the best results. With a little effort, you can keep your kitchen healthy and clean for the foreseeable future.

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