Kitchen countertops come in many popular colors, but rare and eye-catching blue is an intriguing design choice. While you can find blue granite and blue marble, they cost hundreds per square foot. Blue quartz provides an affordable alternative with consistent blue coloring.

The Rarity of Blue

Granite and quartzite with blue tones are rare and costly natural stones. Blue marble, granite, and quartzite exist in significantly smaller quantities than natural stones in other hues. A true blue stone, such as Lapis lazuli, can cost over $600 per square foot. For the average 30-square-foot kitchen countertop, blue stone is unaffordable for most homeowners on a budget.

Blue Quartz Instead

Resins and pigments mix with natural quartz crystals in engineered quartz countertops to produce a durable and customizable stone surface. Reliable, uniform blue coloring can be achieved throughout the slab.

With quartz, you can choose the exact shade of soft or bold blue tones for your kitchen design. Options range from hazy blue-grays to vivid mid-tone blues with sparkling sheen. The color consistency of quartz means you won’t end up with sporadic blue patches alongside white or gray areas.

Most homeowners can capture the allure and intrigue of blue hues in quartz at a reasonable price point.

Using Blue Quartz in the Kitchen

A striking blue quartz countertop commands attention as a dramatic focal point in your kitchen. Strategic coordination with complementary colors and textures makes for a cohesive design with your bold blue quartz.

Closely examine blue quartz samples to identify flecks of black, white, gold, or other undertones. Use the undertones in quartz as accent colors when selecting your backsplash tile, cabinet finishes, floors, and wall paint.

Crisp white shaker cabinets allow blue quartz to pop while providing a light, airy contrast. Select a backsplash blending white, soft blue, and buttery yellow handmade tile to complete the look. I recommend gray-toned wood floors to anchor the space and balance the cool and warm elements.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

With the vast range of blue shades available, bring samples home and view them alongside your existing kitchen finishes. Find the perfect nuanced hue that complements your current style.

Limit expansive white surfaces on floors, walls, and backsplashes so your kitchen doesn’t feel stark and sterile. An overabundance of blue also risks an overwhelming effect. Stick to just one or two blue statement features.

Pros and Cons of Blue Quartz Countertops

Inviting depth with rare, oceanic blue tones for an alluring focal point
Lower cost compared to scarce natural blue stone
Resilient material with resistance to stains and damage, requiring minimal maintenance
The bold blue color is a strong design statement, potentially overwhelming the kitchen
Incorporating blue quartz into the overall kitchen design is more difficult than with other colors
Light blue quartz shows more fingerprints, water spots, and dust compared to white or black quartz options

Cost Factors for Blue Quartz Countertops

As with other colors of quartz, expect to invest $80 to over $100 per square foot for blue quartz slabs. The total cost for the average 30-square-foot kitchen countertops falls between $2,400 and $3,000 or more.

Larger custom slabs come with a higher price tag, and brands that are well-known for their quality also demand higher prices for their blue quartz products. Costs go up with complex installations, cutouts, premium edges, and ornate profiles such as waterfall edges.

Professional Installation Matters for Long-Lasting Beauty

Proper installation by experienced professionals ensures your blue quartz countertops retain their beauty and function for a decade or more. Precision craftsmanship averts flaws that lead to future headaches. These are the key steps your installer will take:

  1. Carefully measure your existing countertops and cabinets. 
  2. Fabricate the custom quartz slab offsite based on precise measurements.
  3. Thoroughly prepare the base cabinets before setting the quartz. 
  4. Secure the countertop tightly and seam the joints. Finish edges and seal thoroughly.

A meticulous installation will help ensure you’re happy with your new countertops because you’ll avoid problems such as misaligned seams and awkward overhangs. Having seen hundreds of kitchens in my 20-plus years as a real estate agent, I recommend professional installation for the best results. 

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Caring for Your Blue Quartz Countertops

With simple care, blue quartz performs like new for many years. 

Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Always use trivets and hot pads — avoid exposing quartz directly to heat
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads
  • Clean with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a warm water and soap mix. 
  • Disinfect periodically with diluted bleach
  • Prevent stains by quickly wiping up spills as they occur
  • Refrain from cutting directly on the quartz — use a cutting board to protect the surface

Is Blue Quartz a Good Choice for Your Kitchen?

For those seeking an eye-catching, bold kitchen design,  blue quartz delivers alluring oceanic tones in contrast to the muted hues of natural stone. Quartz’s reasonable cost, low maintenance requirements, and durability make it a cost-effective choice compared to marble or granite. Consistent coloring throughout the slab means no surprises or disappointments with the final installed look.

Thoughtfully integrating dramatic blue countertops into your kitchen design will prevent the dramatic blue from becoming overwhelming. If you think the overall design will stand the test of time in your home, blue quartz creates a striking, memorable kitchen.

FAQs About Blue Quartz Countertops

Does blue quartz stain easily?

No. Blue quartz resists stains when properly installed. Wipe up spills immediately to prevent any stubborn staining.

What edge profiles look best for blue quartz?

A standard eased, or small chamfer edge keeps the focus on the dramatic blue surface. Ornate edges compete visually with the bold blue tones.

Can you add sparkle effects to blue quartz slabs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer blue quartz slabs with metallic, shimmering flecks and mica for a dazzling, glittery look. The degree of shine ranges from subtle sheen to vibrant sparkle.

What kind of sink pairs well with blue quartz?

An under-mount sink preserves the smooth, sleek quartz surface. A crisp white sink complements light blue quartz, while a bold black sink matches darker moody blue hues.

Can you repair chips in a blue quartz countertop?

Chips and nicks usually require replacing the entire damaged section. Prevent chips by using cutting boards and avoiding direct high heat on the surface.

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