Using a white quartz that looks like marble is a popular way to get a classic style combined with the durability of quartz. Quartz countertops come in a wide range of beautiful colors and styles, many of them with a timeless appearance that looks so great in the kitchen.

For those that want something a little more dramatic, however, there are black and white quartz colors. These countertops have a clean white background but a much darker vein. The charcoal and black hues of the veining stand out boldly, giving you a more contemporary look in your kitchen.

Black and White Quartz Colors

Like any material, quartz has many different shades and subtle variations that may make one color a better fit in your space than another. Using a white quartz with a very dark vein will give you a much bolder look than the softer white and grey countertops, but even amongst this group of colors, there is variation to consider.

For example, if you want a very delicate vein, be sure to consider Chantilly. This striking countertop has a lacy appearance that is very formal and beautiful.

If you want the striking color with more of a subtle vein pattern, then Classic Statue is the way to go. This quartz breaks up the veining up into smaller sections, so it has more of a traditional appearance with a slightly bolder color.

Another classic look with more veining and contrast can be found in Italian Waves. This beautiful quartz has a striking appearance with a thick, bold vein that has a lot of movement and interest. It would work well in transitional spaces, particularly those that use dark cabinets.

Mercer is another bold choice that has a rich, black vein on a white background. In this case, the veins are longer and thinner, creating an eye-catching tangle over the surface. This countertop will also pair well with dark finishes in the room, such as this black-bottomed sink.

Savoy has a more delicate appearance, with the veins more scattered over its surface. This countertop would pair better with white or lighter colored cabinets where the subtle black vein can really shine and take on a life of its own.

If you want to keep the overall color and tone of the space very light with little veining, consider Yorkville. It has a much more subtle vein on a bright white background; perfect for light, contemporary spaces.

7 Black and White Quartz Countertop Design Ideas

These versatile countertops fit in well with a variety of kitchens and bathrooms. Take a look at these 7 images to help get inspiration and ideas of how they may fit into your home.

1. Black and White Bathroom Design

Black and white bathrooms are some of the most classic designs around. This bathroom gets an updated twist on the classic style with a contemporary double countertop. The quartz has been cut to accentuate the two sink areas, while the color perfectly complements the design.

2. Dark Accents

This kitchen has three separate colors working together in the space. White cabinetry and lots of warm woodwork make up the majority of the scheme, while a dark gray makes a distinct accent. It’s seen on the backsplash, chairs, faucet, lighting, and in the vein on the countertop, tying it all together.

3. Sleek and Contemporary

Many people believe that to have contemporary designs in the kitchen, you need to choose countertops in a single, flat color. This white countertop with a thick black vein and a waterfall edge help show that this doesn’t have to be the case. This kitchen is still sleek and contemporary, but with more interest and movement thanks to the quartz.

4. Island Complement

This kitchen has a lot of rich, dark tones already in place. The countertop is one of the lighter colors in the room, but the dark vein in the countertop picks up and complements the color of the island. This helps tie the different aspects of the design together and unifies the room.

5. Warm and Cool Contrast

Contrast is great for creating dynamic designs. This kitchen uses a clear maple for the cabinetry, which gives a warm, light tone to the room. The black backsplash and black and white quartz countertop contrast that warm maple and add interest to the room.

6. Black and White Kitchen

While not as common as the black and white bathroom, kitchens also use this color scheme to great effect. In this case, the majority of the kitchen is white with a black island. The white quartz countertop with a black vein ties the two together.

7. Subtle Dimension

This kitchen has a warm and welcoming transitional design. It beautifully balances many different tones, including classic black and white, along with warm wood tones. Right in the middle is the quartz countertop, adding just the right amount of color and subtle veining to add dimension to the room.

Go Black and White in Your Home

White quartz countertops with black veins offer you a more contemporary twist on a classic favorite. Black and white quartz countertops are beautiful and versatile, ranging from subtle to dramatic in appearance. Whether you’re including them in a transitional bathroom or a contemporary kitchen, they’ll be sure to fit right in.

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